How does the COVID-19 pandemic affect shipments delivered by couriers?

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To date, all the University’s designated couriers - FedEx, Purolator and UPS - have confirmed that their delivery service is largely operating as usual. However, UPS has made changes to their delivery operations so that their driver will only go to one location for each delivery address.

At the Guelph campus (50 Stone Road East), only the receiving docks at University Centre and Summerlee Science Complex are open during regular business hours. Departments at the Guelph campus have one of the following options for package delivery:

  • Deliver packages to the UC Loading Dock (UC Room 021).
  • Hold their packages at courier’s local distribution depot for re-direction. Please note that packages held at courier’s depot for an extended period could be returned to the shipper at the courier’s discretion.

The University Centre Receiving Team can currently help coordinate distribution to departments, including receiving parcels, notifying recipients and arranging for pick-up during the hours of 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. However, due to restrictions on package size or type, and considering available storage space, UC Receiving might not be able to accept all packages.

Therefore, Purchasing Services has made the following arrangements with our couriers:

For departments operating as normal and NOT using the 50 Stone Road East address

If you encounter any issue with any of your deliveries, please contact (email address)

For departments using the 50 Stone Road East address

  • Couriers may attempt to deliver as normal
  • For any undelivered packages, couriers are asked to contact Purchasing Services with relevant shipment information. Purchasing Services’ logistics team will contact the departments for redirection instructions. In cases where departments could not provide an alternative receiving location, packages will be directed to UC Receiving.
  • In cases where couriers will only deliver to one location for all parcels destined to 50 Stone Road East, UC Receiving will be the designated receiving location for now.

Due to the above changes, departments are asked that:

  • If you are expecting packages from FedEx, Purolator or UPS, check with the UC Receiving Team to see if your packages have been delivered. If they have, please pick up your packages from the UC Loading Dock (UC Room 021) as soon as possible. The UC Receiving Team can be reached at (email address) or extension 53300.
  • If you can’t locate packages that you are expecting, email (email address) with the shipper/receiver name, courier name and tracking number. The Purchasing Services team will help coordinate with the couriers on the delivery re-direction.

When picking up packages, departments must observe social distancing practices.