Obtaining Invoice Copies

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Most Payment Services invoices are digitized at the time of processing and are immediately available for viewing through FRS.  With any image you are able to view, you will also have the ability to e-mail, export or print a copy of the image.

Invoices related to purchases made on supply managed contracts are processed electronically through Payment Services and the scanned image is attached a short time later.  There may be a small timing difference between when the transaction first appears in FRS and when the invoice image is available for viewing.  If one of these images is not currently available for viewing, please try again in a few days and it should be there.

Certain types of invoice, such as Purolator, Fedex and Sigma, are not digitzed and will not be available for viewing through FRS at any time.

For step by step instructions on how to view invoice images through FRS please see User Guide - View Invoices Through FRS .  The last page of this document provides the technical specifications required for your PC.