Getting a Procurement Card

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PCards may be issued to permanent, full time employees who are authorized to purchase goods and services on behalf of the department.


  • Cardholders complete the Purchasing Card Employee Application Form available from purchasing website;
  • Dean/Chair/Director of the cardholder's department approves the application by signing off the form;
  • Cardholders email the approved form to PCard coordinator via;
  • PCard coordinator processes the request with the card issuing bank;
  • PCard coordinator sets up the card account upon the receiving of the PCard from bank; 
  • Cardholders pick up the PCard at Purchasing Services upon signing of the PCard Employee Agreement.

Activation and Registration

Prior to use, PCards must be activated and registered with US Bank Bank. Failure to do so will result in the card being declined.

To activate the PCard, call the phone number provided on the card, identifying yourself, providing your employee number and last 4 digits of your telephone number.

To register the PCard, go to the Access Online, click Register Online.  A user name and password will be created during the process and should be kept confidential for the ongoing account management.