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Lost/Stolen/Damaged PCards

  • In the event a PCard is lost or stolen, Cardholders should report to the incident by calling the 24-hour number listed on the card immediately and notify the PCard Administrator.
  • In the event a PCard is damaged beyond use, Cardholders should call the customer service number shown in the card to request a replacement card
  • The replacement card will be mailed to the PCard Administrator, the Cardholder will then need to go to the Treasury office to pick it up
  • Cardholders will be required to sign a PCard Employee Agreement for the replacement card

Disputing Charges

Cardholders may dispute charges that appear on their monthly account statement for reasons such as: 

  • Fraud or misuse
  • Altered charges
  • Incorrect amounts or sales tax charges
  • Duplicate charges
  • Credits not processed

Cardholders should contact the Supplier first in order to resolve any erroneous charges or outstanding issues. Most issues can be resolved in this way. If successful, Cardholders should get written confirmation of the transaction from the Supplier.

For fraudulent charges, Cardholders should contact the customer service number shown on the card, and contact the PCard Administrator immediately.  The card will be cancelled and a replacement card will be issued.

Declined Purchases At Point of Sale

There are a number of possible reasons why a purchase is declined at the point of sale:

  • Incorrect University billing address is given
  • The total cost of the purchase exceeds the transaction limit for the card
  • The remaining credit limit of the card is not enough to cover the cost of the purchase
  • The item falls under a restricted merchant category code
  • The card has been de-activated by the University
  • The card has been de-activated by the bank

Cardholders should attempt to determine the reason and resolve the issue accordingly. To inquire further, contact the PCard Administrator or the bank's customer service department.

Goods Return and Credits

If goods need to be returned, Cardholders should work directly with the Supplier.  All goods returned should have a corresponding credit. 

Cardholders should:

  • Retain boxes and packaging for a reasonable time
  • Obtain a "Return Authorization Number" from the Supplier if required
  • Ensure the credit appears on your card account
  • In case of a disputed transaction with the Supplier, contact the Supplier immediately and report to customer service within 30 days of the purchase date