First time user: Expense Claim System (ECS)

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  1. For claimants new to ECS, please log on to the ECS system well before your travel starts to ensure your ECS account is set up and activated completely.  University claimants log onto the ECS web based system by using their Central Login and Password.
  1. Once a new user logs into ECS for the first time, the ECS Support Desk will then link the claimant to the appropriate departmental contact list.  Please note that this step is manual and may take 3-4 business days after the user logs in for the first time.
  1. To get started with your Expense Claim, go to the Financial Services Home page and click on the Travel/Expense Claims box.  Access ECS by clicking on the “Login to ECS” button.
  1. Once you are logged into ECS you will be directed to the Tutorial.  The 15 minute Tutorial provides an excellent introduction on how to complete the ECS form. You will also receive an email confirmation when you log into ECS for the first time.
  1. While completing your claim, if you experience difficulties - check the tutorial again for a refresher on filling out the form. The Tutorial can be accessed from the ECS Home page under the Links at the bottom of the Home page.
  1. If you cannot resolve your problems with the claim form or are still experiencing difficulties, please direct your questions to your ECS Department Contact.  Alternatively you can also email the ECS support team at
  1. If you have questions regarding expense claim qualifications, please review the Travel and Business Reimbursement Policy & Procedure.  
  1. Logon to ECS at any time to monitor or check the status of your claim(s) and payments.
  1. In keeping with the University of Guelph’s commitment to sustainability – Financial Services has gone paperless for travel claim reimbursements to employees. All new employees added to ECS will be set up on EFT (electronic funds transfer) for deposit to the same bank account used for their payroll deposits when the first travel claim is processed.   Please note that the first reimbursement payment will be cheque.
  1. Existing ECS claimants on cheque will be set up on EFT when a claim is submitted and bank account changes will be updated automatically when a claim is submitted to ECS.