I have submitted my Expense Claim, when can I expect my reimbursement payment?

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 Check under the Claims Tab on ECS – for the group in which your claim is categorized; i.e New, Submitted to Payment Services, Received by Payment Services or Payments in Progress. For more info refer to the online tutorial - under the section titled “Checking the Status of your Claims”

  • If the claim has not yet been received by Payment Services, you should check with your Administrative contact to see when the approved claim was actually delivered to Payment Services.
  • Completed and approved Expense Claims (with all receipts attached) delivered to Payment Services by 4 PM Wednesday - will result in EFT payments (electronic funds transfer) processed and direct deposited to your bank account the following week (by Wednesday or Friday). Payment by cheque may take up to two weeks.

screenshot of expense claim form

Still receiving a cheque? Switch now to EFT for faster payment service! Send an email to "ECS@uoguelph.ca" with the words "switch to EFT now" in the subject heading.  Include yoiur name, emoployee ID number, phone ext, department name and department number and your University of Guelph email address.   ECS Help will complete your switch to EFT ASAP using the same account as your payroll is deposited to.