I submitted my claim via ECS, but it does not show as submitted – what happened?

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 Note: Do Not SAVE as the last step, otherwise the ECS process undoes the Final Submit function and the claim is considered as New and is NOT submitted to Payment Services.

The normal process is to enter all the information into the ECS form; hit the Validate button, correct any errors if necessary, re-validate and then view the pdf version. If the claim looks OK, then hit Final Submission (Last Step) and then print the pdf.

On the printed copy of your claim, the upper right hand corner of the expense output form should read Validated –YES and Final Submission – YES. If Not; you need to repeat the Validate and Final Submit process again.

Finally, sign your claim, attach all receipts (that have been indexed to the receipt lines on your claim), and then give to your Admin. Contact, who would gain the necessary approval(s) and then hand over to Payment Services.