How Do I complete the Expense claim Form? (Where to start?)

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As an ECS user, you can create your expense claim, print it off, and then have it signed via your "normal" approval process. Once signed with all necessary departmental approvals on the Cover Page - the expense claim (with all receipts) is delivered to Payment Services. At any time, you can check on the status of all your expense claims and their payment status via ECS. 

a) For a quick start in completing your expense claim, review the 15 minute online tutorial
b) To log onto ECS, go to here.
Sign on with your CCS logon ID. If you find you cannot log on; you will be prompted with the following system message: "You are not set up in the Expense Claim System (ECS). For UofG employees, fill out the form "Request to Add Employee(s) to ECS" and email to Once Payment Services staff adds you to ECS, you will be able to add/review your claim(s).
c) To add an Employee to ECS, refer to the form titled “Request to Add an Employee ECS” listed on the Travel / Expense claims web page.
d) If you encounter any problems in trying to log onto ECS, email ECS.