Travel Claim Checklist

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  • Expenses are out of pocket and comply with the University policies and procedures.
  • The expenses incurred while travelling on University business and the most economical travel arrangements have been made consistent with the trip purpose. For example; airfare is economy class. The Dean or Director must approve any exceptions with the reason included in the Purpose/Notes section.
  • Process receipts totaling less than $50.00 through Petty Cash.
  • A clear statement of the purpose, destination, duration and special notes are included on the travel claim.
  • The Tri-Council Form is completed and authorized if applicable with sufficient detail included in each appropriate section siting how the expense directly relates to the grant/research.
  • Sufficient detail is included in the “expense description” field and a detailed, dated receipt provided for each expenditure. Credit card slips alone are not acceptable.
  • Number each entry on travel claim form chronologically, then number receipt accordingly and attach in sequential order to the travel claim hard copy. Whenever possible, use the double sided print option to print your claim and e-receipts.
  • When claiming airfare, verify the location tax code under the Airfare Location Tax.
  • Accommodation – Provide an itemized hotel/motel receipt showing the amount paid; credit card slips alone are not acceptable. If there are charges other than accommodation such as parking, internet, meals etc. included on a hotel statement; they must be separated and coded to the applicable expense category such as surface transportation (parking). Mini-bar (alcohol) and movie rentals are non-eligible expenses.
  • Meals – See the Travel Policy for current Per Diem amounts. When claiming Per Diems, receipts are not required. If claiming "Meals with receipts" a detailed receipt is required. A hotel statement is not sufficient documentation for meals charged to your room; the detailed receipt must be provided.
  • Alcohol can only be claimed under certain Hospitality categories. Please refer to the Hospitality Policy for clarification.
  • Group expenses with the same category/location tax on the travel claim form. For example "Meals in Ontario." Enter each receipt date/amount on a separate spreadsheet with the total showing. Transfer this total to one line on the claim form. Alternately, an adding machine tape may be used to show the grouping total. A Meal Log is another option.
  • Any exchange rate used on the claim is substantiated with either a printout from OANDA (or other website), a copy of a credit card statement with the entry highlighted and numbered according to the claim OR a receipt from the currency exchange service or bank.
  • A google map or equivalent is included for each km entry/trip to verify the distance claimed. If the map extends to multiple pages, the first and last page of the map will suffice. Ensure the km total is shown on the map and matches the amount of kms claimed on the form.
  • When the amount claimed is lower than the receipt amount, an explanation is included to show the calculation. Eg. Alcohol is removed from a meal receipt, including the applicable % of tax and gratuity.
  • Once all the expenses are input on the form, review the information and checklist.  Verify your coding, save, then validate/submit your claim.  (Correct any errors or warnings that prevent validation.) Print your validated claim, tape your numbered receipts to a piece(s) of paper, and attach to your claim.
  • Sign and obtain the proper authorizing signature(s). Claims with Tri-Agency coding must include the completed Tri-Council form.  A Tri-Agency claim requires signatures from the claimant, grantee and Chair.  The Dean or Director must sign any claims over $5000.