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Herbarium Information Management System(HIMS)

This site provides access to those specimen records and images available digitally through the Herbarium Information Management System. The BIO Herbarium is located within the Biodiversity Institute of Ontario at the University of Guelph. The BIO Herbariuml is a collection of well documented, pressed and mounted plant samples that are labelled with the taxonomy and collection information such as location, time, habitat, aboriginal repository knowledge and collectors. HIMS data is a resource for researchers, professional botanists, faculty, graduate students, naturalist, environmental consultants and the public. It also is a source of genetic material and data bank of floristic ecological information.

The BIO Herbarium at the University of Guelph houses approximately 100,000 herbarium specimens, collected from all around the world. The collection provides excellent coverage in ethnobotanical notes and houses vouchers for the Flora Ontario Integrated Botanical Information System (FOIBIS). The collection also contains DNA Barcoding vouchers for the Center for Biodiversity Intitute of Ontario (CBG) of the Biodiversity Institute of Ontario. BIO Herbarium is committed to making this important collection more accessible to botanists and others, wherever they may be, for use in their own projects: particularly in biodiversity, conservation, sustainable development and systematics. To this end we have developed HIMS, which contains labelled information and images of all the specimens at the BIO Herbarium. This site presents data to the Researchers, Students, Faculties and Public from the BIO Herbarium, BIO, CBS, University of Guelph. The collection is fully searchable/browse providing the information such as names of species, genus, family or accession number. The label information for each record contains further information such as its locality, forest type, habit, habitat, plant collector information, distribution type, nativity type, and ecological notes. There is also a function for printing BIO Herbarium labels for collaborating Botanist whom wish to send vouchers to the BIO Herbarium. For any questions concerning HIMS, specimen loan, supply, identification service, specimen donation, including nomenclature updates, please contact Dr. Newmaster, Chief Curator ( or Mss. Lacroix, Curator ( or Dr. Ragupathy ( Curator.

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