Effects of Reduced-Fat On Cheese Composition

  • in order to maintain yield and avoid excessive hardness, low-fat cheese requires higher moisture
  • this results in reduced salt in moisture (S/M) and increased moisture in the non-fat substance (MNFS)
  • high acidity due to high moisture = high lactose retention
  • may be desirable to include a washing step to leach out lactose-optimum S/M is difficult to achieve because salt greater than 2% gives a salty flavour
  • typical target moistures for low fat Cheddar range from 42 - 48%
  • lower moisture (near 42%) can achieve 6 - 9 month aging and may have some typical medium Cheddar flavour, but texture is hard
  • higher moisture (towards 48%) gives softer texture but shorter shelf life and is often gummy