Food Structure journal - Tables of Contents from 1982-1994

Tables of Contents for 1982-1994

Image of the Food Structure JournalBeginning in 1979, programs on food microstructure took place at annual Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) Meetings. Thirty six papers published in various SEM volumes have been compiled to form a book entitled Studies of Food Microstructure. The papers have been divided into 4 general areas:

1. general applications
2. meat foods
3. milk products
4. foods of plant origin

The table of contents is at the end of this page. Publication of the book preceded establishing the new journal, Food Microstructure
FOOD MICROSTRUCTURE was established as an international scientific journal on the microstructure and microanalysis of foods, feeds, and their ingredients in 1982 in the USA by food scientists:

  • S. H. Cohen (Sci. & Adv. Tech. Lab., US Army Natick R&D, Natick, MA)
  • E. A. Davis (Dept. Food Sci. & Nutr., Univ. of Minnesota, St. Paul, MN)
  • D. N. Holcomb (Kraft Inc., Glenview, IL)
  • M. Kaláb (Food Res. Inst., Agriculture Canada, Ottawa, Ont., Canada)

The journal was published initially twice a year by Scanning Electron Microscopy, Inc., AMF O'Hare (Chicago), IL, under the direction of Om Johari, Managing Editor. In 1990, the title of the journal was changed to FOOD STRUCTURE and the publication frequency was increased to 4 issues per annum. W. J. Wolf (USDA Northern Regional Research Center, Peoria, IL) joined the journal as another editor in 1991. I. Heertje (Unilever Research Laboratorium, Vlaardingen, the Netherlands) served as the European editor and K. Sato (Department of Applied Biology, Hiroshima University, Shitami, Japan) took editorial care of manuscripts arriving from Asian countries. Food structure studies flourished. Irrespective of this success, however, Om Johari terminated publishing the journal in 1994 without giving any reason. This means that Vol. 12 is the last one. Manuscripts submitted for publication in FOOD STRUCTURE were later published in FOOD SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY (LWT) by Academic Press.

All manuscripts were peer-reviewed. Almost all authors responded in writing to reviewers' comments in the form of a 'discussion with reviewers'. Alternatively they revised their manuscripts. In addition to critically evaluating former achievements in the particular fields, all review papers also contain new information provided by the authors.

The table of contents published in Food Microstructure and later in Food Structure is being provided to assist food microscopists in their search for topics of interest. Journal issues may be found in food science libraries at various universities under ISSN 0730-5419, CODEN - FMICDK (Food Microstructure, 1982-1990) and ISSN 1046-705X, CODEN - FSTUE2 (Food Structure - 1991-1993). Thanks to Prof. Donald McMahon, Utah State University, this journal collection is now being scanned and made available digitally at the USU Digital Commons.


Vol. 1 - 1982 - Vol. 2 - 1983 - Vol. 3 - 1984 - Vol. 4 - 1985 
Vol. 5 - 1986 - Vol. 6 - 1987 - Vol. 7 - 1988 - Vol. 8 - 1989 
Vol. 9 - 1990 - Vol. 10. - 1991 - Vol. 11 - 1992 - Vol. 12 - 1993

Food Microstructure Vol. 1, Number 1, 1982

  • Food microstructure: An integrative approach. E. A. Davis, J. Gordon (Review paper) pp. 1-12.
  • Correlation of microscopic structure of corn starch granules with rheological properties of cooked pastes. D. D. Christianson, F. L. Baker, A. R. Loffredo, E. B. Bagley pp. 13-24.
  • Structure and properties of the particulate constituents of human milk: A review. M. Rüegg, B. Blanc (Review paper) pp. 25-48.
  • Detection of buttermilk solids in meat binders by electron microscopy. M. Kaláb, F. Comer pp. 49-54.
  • Some effects of lipids on the structure of foods. K. Larsson (Review paper) pp. 55-62.
  • Protein bodies in dormant, imbibed and germinated sunflower cotyledons. R. D. Allen, H. J. Arnott pp. 63-73.
  • Effect of high hydrostatic pressure on meat microstructure. E. A. Elgasim, W. H. Kennick pp. 75-82.
  • Ultrastructural studies of milk digestion in the suckling rat. P. B. Berendsen(Review paper) pp. 83-90.
  • Freeze-induced fibre formation in protein extracts from residues of mechanically separated poultry. R. A. Lawrence, P. Jelen pp. 91-97.
  • Instrumental and sensory analysis of the action of cathepsin enzymes on flaked and formed beef. S. H. Cohen, R. A. Segars, A. Cardello, J. Smith, F. M. Robbins pp. 99-105.

Food Microstructure Vol. 1, Number 2, 1982

  • Grain structure and end-use properties. Y. Pomeranz (Review paper) pp. 107-124.
  • Scanning electron microscopy of the pericarp and testa of several sorghum varieties. C. F. Earp, L. W. Rooney pp. 125-134.
  • The microscopic structure and chemistry of rapeseed and its products. S. H. Yiu, H. Poon, R. G. Fulcher, I. Altosaar pp. 135-144.
  • Light microscopy preparation techniques for starch and lipid containing snack foods. F. O. Flint pp. 145-150.
  • Electron microscopy of milk and milk products: Problems and possibilities. D. G. Schmidt pp. 151-166.
  • Fluorescence microscopy of cereals. R. G. Fulcher (Review paper) pp. 167-176.
  • Freeze-etch of emulsified cake batters during baking. J. D. Cloke, J. Gordon, E. A. Davis pp. 177-188.
  • Aspects of sample preparation for freeze-fracture/freeze-etch studies of proteins and lipids in food systems. W. Buchheim (Review paper) pp.189-208.
  • Microscopy in the study of fats and emulsions. J. M. deMan (Review paper) pp. 209-222.
  • Morphological and textural comparisons of soybean Mozzarella cheese analogs prepared with different hydrocolloids. C. S. Yang, M. V. Taranto pp. 223-232.
  • Electron microscopic localization of solvent-extractable fat in agglomerated spray-dried whole milk powder particles. W. Buchheim pp. 233-238.

Food Microstructure Vol. 2, Number 1, 1983

  • Ultrastructure studies of pasta. A review. P. Resmini, M. A. Pagani (Review paper) pp. 1-12.
  • Endosperm degradation in barley kernels that synthesize alpha-amylase in the absence of embryos and exogenous gibberellic acid. A. W. MacGregor, P. B. Nicholls, L. Dushnicky pp. 13-22.
  • An alternative to critical point drying for preparing meat emulsions for scanning electron microscopy. E. J. Basgall, P. J. Bechtel, F. K. McKeith pp. 23-26.
  • Image analysis of morphological changes in wiener batters during chopping and cooking. A. G. Kempton, S. Trupp (Review paper) pp. 27-42.
  • Composition and microstructure of soft brine cheese made from instant whole milk powder. M. M. Omar, W. Buchheim pp. 43-50.
  • Development of microstructure in set-style nonfat yoghurt - a review. M. Kaláb, P. Allan-Wojtas, B. E. Phipps-Todd (Review paper) pp. 51-66.
  • Field spectroscopy in the food production chain. E. J. Brach (Review paper) pp. 67-80.
  • The structure of fresh and desiccated coconut. J. F. Heathcock, J. A. Chapmanpp. 81-90.
  • Effect of prerigor pressurization on bovine lysosomal enzyme activity. E. A. Elgasim, W. H. Kennick, A. F. Anglemier, M. Koohmaraie, E. A. Elkhalifa pp. 91-98.
  • A review of the muscle cell cytoskeleton and its possible relation to meat texture and sarcolemma emptying. D. W. Stanley (Review paper) pp. 99-110.
  • Myofibrillar characteristics of porcine stress syndrome. P. K. Basrur, S. Frombach, W. N. McDonell, H. D. Geissinger pp. 111-118.

Food Microstructure Vol. 2, Number 2, 1983

  • Sensory and instrumental texture properties of flaked and formed beef. A. V. Cardello, R. A. Segars, J. Secrist, J. Smith, S. H. Cohen, R. Rosenkrans pp. 119-134.
  • Morphometry of meat by scanning light microscopy. H. J. Swatland pp. 135-142.
  • Infection of oriental mustard by Nematospora: A fluorescence and scanning electron microscope study. R. A. Holley, B. E. Phipps-Todd, S. H. Yiu pp. 143-152.
  • Evaluation of selected properties of chlorinated wheat flours in a lean cake formulation. J. Grider, E. A. Davis, J. Gordon pp.153-160.
  • Stranded structure development in thermally produced whey protein concentrate gel. T. Beveridge, L. Jones, M. A. Tung pp. 161-164.
  • The effect of commercial processing on the structure and microchemical organization of rapeseed. S. H. Yiu, I. Altosaar, R. G. Fulcher pp. 165-174.
  • Microstructure of winged beans. K. Saio, Y. Nakano, S. Uemoto pp. 175-182.
  • Beta-glucans in the caryopsis of Sorghum bicolor (L.) Moench. C. F. Earp, C. A. Doherty, R. G. Fulcher, L. W. Rooney pp. 183-188.

Food Microstructure Vol. 3, Number 1, 1984

  • An analysis of microstructural factors which influence the use of muscle as food. R. G. Cassens, C. E. Carpenter, T. J. Eddinger (Review paper) pp. 1-8.
  • Studies on the microdistribution of aerobic enzymes and myoglobin in pork.H. J. Swatland pp. 9-16.
  • The role of gap filaments in muscle and in meat. R. H. Locker (Review paper) pp. 17-32.
  • Processing effects on meat product microstructure. G. R. Schmidt (Review paper) pp. 33-40.
  • X-Ray microanalysis of hollow heart potatoes. W. P. Mohr, A. R. Spurr, P. Fenn, H. Timm pp. 41-48.
  • Determination of element concentration in fresh and processed vegetables by quantitative X-ray microanalysis. M. Grote, H. G. Fromme pp. 49-54.
  • Electron microscopic investigations of the cell structure in fresh and processed vegetables (carrots and green bean pods). M. Grote, H. G. Fromme pp. 55-64
  • Microstructural changes in winged bean and soybean during fermentation into miso. K. Saio, H. Suzuki, T. Kobayashi, M. Namikawa pp. 65-72.
  • The effect of microwave energy and convection heating on wheat starch granule transformation. N. K. Goebel, J. Grider, E. A. Davis, J. Gordon pp.73-82.
  • Microstructure of set-style yoghurt manufactured from cow's milk fortified by various methods. A. Y. Tamime, M. Kaláb, G. Davies (Review paper) pp. 83-92.
  • Transportation of fragile food specimens such as milk gels destined for electron microscopy. P. Allan-Wojtas pp. 93.

Food Microstructure Vol. 3, Number 2, 1984

  • Artefacts in conventional scanning electron microscopy of some milk products. M. Kaláb pp. 95-112.
  • The effect of salt and pyrophosphate on the structure of meat. C. A. Voyle, P. D. Jolley, G. W. Offer pp. 113-126.
  • Some factors influencing ante-mortem changes in muscle: A brief review. S. C. Seideman, S. H. Cohen, J. V. Schollmeyer (Tutorial paper) pp. 127-132.
  • Preliminary evaluation of lectins as fluorescent probes of seed structure and composition. S. Shea Miller, S. H. Yiu, R. G. Fulcher, I. Altosaar pp. 133-140.
  • Morphological development in sorghum grain. C. W. Glennie, N. v. d. W. Liebenberg, T. J. van Tonder pp. 141-148.
  • Mineral migration in the wheat kernel during mill conditioning. A. Al Saleh, B. Bouchet, D. J. Gallant pp. 149-158.
  • Light and scanning electron microscopy of wheat and rye-bread crumb. Interpretation of specimens prepared by various methods. Y. Pomeranz, D. Meyer pp. 159-164.
  • Ultrastructure of quinoa fruit (Chenopodium quinoa Willd). E. Varriano-Marston, A. DeFrancisco pp. 165-174.
  • Ultrastructural aspects of spun pea and fababean proteins. D. J. Gallant, B. Bouchet, J. Culioli pp. 175-184.
  • Effect of environment on the physical structure of the peanut (Arachis hypogaea L.). C. T. Young, W. E. Schadel pp. 185-190.
  • Ultrastructural studies of raw and processed tissue of the major cultivated mushroom, Agaricus bisporus. E. M. Jasinski, B. Stembereger, R. Walsh, A. Kilara pp. 191-196.
  • A simple procedure for the preparation of stirred yoghurt for electron microscopy. P. Allan-Wojtas, M. Kaláb pp. 197-198.

Food Microstructure Vol. 4, Number 1, 1985

  • The size distribution of bovine casein micelles: A review. C. Holt (Review paper) pp. 1-10.
  • Scanning electron microscopic study of rockfish preserved at either ambient temperature or by isothermal freeze-fixation. L. E. Lampila, V. Mohr, D. S. Reidpp. 11-16.
  • Characterisation of milk proteins in confectionery products. J. F. Heathcockpp. 17-28.
  • The light microscopy of triglyceride digestion. J. S. Patton, R. D. Vetter, M. Hamosh, B. Borgström, M. Lindström, M. C. Carey (Review paper) pp. 29-42.
  • Seed structure and composition of potential new crops. D. W. Irving, R. Beckerpp. 43-54.
  • The combined effects of the calcium activated factor and cathepsin D on skeletal muscle. E. A. Elgasim, M. Koohmaraie, A. F. Anglemier, W. H. Kennick, E. A. Elkhalifa pp. 55-62.
  • Microstructure of meat emulsions in relation to fat stabilization. C. M. Lee(Review paper) pp. 63-72.
  • Early research on the fibrous microstructure of meat. H. J. Swatland pp. 73-82.
  • Application of electron spin resonance techniques to model starch systems. L. E. Pearce, E. A. Davis, J. Gordon, W. G. Miller pp. 83-88.
  • Development of microstructure in a cream cheese based on Queso blanco cheese. M. Kaláb, H. W. Modler pp. 89-98.
  • A fluorescence microscopic study of cheese. S. H. Yiu pp. 99-106.
  • Small angle X-ray scattering by hydrated wheat starch granules. M. Yang, J. Grider, J. Gordon, E. A. Davis pp. 107-114.
  • Seed microstructure: Review of water imbibition in legumes. B. G. Swanson, J. S. Hughes, H. P. Rasmussen pp. 115-124.
  • The microstructure of wheat: Its development and conversion into bread. D. B. Bechtel pp. 125-134.
  • The application of light and scanning electron microscopy during flour milling and wheat processing. R. Moss pp. 135-142.
  • Ultrastructural studies on the cultivation processes and growth and development of the cultivated mushroom Agaricus bisporus. D. A. Wood, G. D. Craig, P. T. Atkey, R. J. Newsam, K. Gull (Review paper) pp. 1443-164.
  • Comparison of the microstructure of firm and stem-end softened cucumber pickles preserved by brine fermentation. W. M. Walter Jr., H. P. Flemming, R. N. Trigiano pp. 165-172.
  • Ultrastructural study of yam tuber as related to postharvest hardness. L. Sealy, S. Renaudin, D. J. Gallant, B. Bouchet, J. M. Brillouet pp. 173-181.

Food Microstructure Vol. 4, Number 2, 1985

  • Microstructural changes in maturing seeds of the common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.). J. S. Highes, B. G. Swanson pp. 183-190.
  • Changes in typical organelles in developing cotyledons of soybean. K. Saio, K. Kondo, T. Sugimoto pp. 191-198.
  • Rheological and ultrastructural studies of wheat kernel behaviour under compression as a function of water content. A. Al Saleh, D. J. Gallant pp. 199-212.
  • Structure of coarse and fine fractions of corn samples ground on the Stenvert hardness tester. Y. Pomeranz, Z. Czuchajowska pp. 213-220.
  • Relation between microstructure, destabilization phenomena and rheological properties of whippable emulsions. W. Buchheim, N. M. Barfod, N. Krog pp. 221-232.
  • Thermal analysis microscopy for the study of phase changes in fats. J. M. deMan, A. N. Mostafa, A. K. Smith pp. 233-240.
  • Combining microscopy and physical techniques in the study of cocoa butter polymorphs and vegetable fat blends. J. D. Hicklin, G. G. Jewell, J. F. Heathcockpp. 241-248.
  • Crystal morphology of cocoa butter. D. M. Manning, P. S. Dimick (Review paper) pp. 249-266.
  • Structure formation in acid milk gels. I. Heertje, J. Visser, P. Smits pp. 267-278.
  • Rheological and scanning electron microscopy examination of skim milk gels obtained by fermenting with ropy and non-ropy strains of lactic bacteria. S. M. Schellhaass, H. A. Morris pp. 279-288.
  • Observations on the air-serum interface of milk foams. B. E. Brooker pp. 289-296.
  • Effects of emulsifying agents on the microstructure and other characteristics of process cheese - A review. M. Caric, M. Gantar, M. Kaláb (Review paper) pp. 297-312.
  • Properties of calcium caseinates with disparate performance in imitation cheese. K. Fleming, R. Jenness, H. A. Morris, R. Schmidt pp. 313-322.
  • Ultrastructural and biochemical investigations of mature human milk. R. J. Carroll, J. J. Basch, J. G. Phillips, H. M. Farrell Jr. pp. 323-331.
  • Particle structure in spray-dried whole milk and in instant skim milk powder as related to lactose crystallization. Z. Saito (Review paper) pp. 333-340.
  • Microstructure of spray-dried and freeze-dried microalgal powders. L. P. Linpp. 341-348.
  • Effect of ionizing irradiation and storage on mushroom ultrastructure. I. The gills of Agaricus bisporus (Lge.) Imbach and Pleurotus ostreatus (Jacq. ex Fr.) Kummer. A. Keresztes, J. Kovács, E. Kovács pp. 349-356.
  • Ultrastructural utilization of plants by herbivores. L. H. Harbers (Tutorial paper) pp. 357-364.

Food Microstructure Vol. 5, Number 1, 1986

  • Features of food microscopy. D. F. Lewis (Review paper) pp. 1-18.
  • Fixing conditions in the freeze substitution technique for light microscopy observation of frozen beef tissue. M. N. Martino, N. E. Zaritzky pp. 19-24.
  • Changes in the microstructure of skipjack tuna during frozen storage and heat treatment. L. E. Lampila, W. D. Brown pp. 25-32.
  • Freeze texturization of proteins: Effect of the alkali, acid and freezing treatment on texture formation. F. I. Consolacion, P. Jelen pp. 33-40.
  • The fine structure of the endomysium, perimysium and intermyofibrillar connections in muscle. M. W. Orcutt, T. R. Dutson, F. Y. Wu, S. B. Smith pp. 41-52.
  • Action of polyphosphates in meat products. D. F. Lewis, K. H. M. Groves, J. H. Holgate pp. 53-62.
  • Microscopical observations on the structure of bacon. C. A. Voyle, P. D. Jolley, G. W. Offer (Review paper) pp. 63-70.
  • Accuracy and utility of sarcomere length assessment by laser diffraction. P. A. Koolmees, F. Korteknie, F. J. M. Smulders pp. 71-76.
  • Cryo-scanning electron microscopy of microorganisms in a liquid film on spoiled chicken skin. T. A. McMeekin, D. McCall, C. J. Thomas pp. 77-82.
  • Texture and microstructure of soybean curd (tofu) as affected by different coagulants. J. M. deMan, L. deMan, S. Gupta pp. 83-90.
  • Observations on the microstructure and rheology of ovalbumin gels. I. Heertje, F. S. M. van Kleef pp. 91-98.
  • The microstructure of the hen's egg shell - a short review. R. M. G. Hamilton(Review paper) pp. 99-110.
  • Ultrastructure of cooked spaghetti. M. A. Pagani, D. J. Gallant, B. Bouchet, P. Resmini pp. 111-130.
  • Microstructure of mealy and vitreous wheat endosperms (Triticum durum L.) with special emphasis on location and polymorphic behaviour of lipids. A. Al Saleh, D. Marion, D. J. Gallant pp. 131-140.
  • Ultrastructure of maize starch granules. A review. D. J. Gallant, B. Bouchet(Review paper) pp.141-156.
  • Mucilage in yellow mustard (Brassica hirta) seeds. I. R. Siddiqui, S. H. Yiu, J. D. Jones, M. Kaláb pp. 157-162.
  • Rheological and particle size changes in corn oil-in-water emulsions stabilized by 7S soybean proteins. M. Reeve, P. Sherman pp. 163-168.
  • Mechanical properties of cheese, cheese analogues and protein gels in relation to composition and microstructure. M. L. Green, K. R. Langley, R. J. Marshall, B. E. Brooker, A. Willis, J. F. V. Vincent pp. 169-180.
  • Ultrastructural aspects and physico-chemical properties of ultrahigh-temperature (UHT)-treated coffee cream. W. Buchheim, G. Falk, A. Hinz pp. 181-192.

Food Microstructure Vol. 5, Number 2, 1986

  • The skinned fiber technique as a potential method for study of muscle as a food. R. G. Cassens, T. J. Eddinger, R. L. Moss pp. 193-196.
  • Current concepts of muscle ultrastructure with emphasis on Z-line architecture. M. Yamaguchi, H. Kamisoyama, S. Nada, S. Yamano, M. Izumimoto, Y. Hirai, R. G. Cassens, H. Nasu, M. Muguruma, T. Fukazawa(Review paper) pp. 197-206.
  • Comparative microscopy and morphometry of skeletal muscle fibers in poultry. C. S. Williams, J. W. Williams, R. A. Chung pp. 207-218.
  • Effect of processing and cooking on the structural and microchemical composition of oats. S. H. Yiu pp. 219-226.
  • Determination of internal color of beef ribeye steaks using digital image analysis. K. Unklesbay, N. Unklesbay, J. Keller pp. 227-232.
  • The structure of gluten gels. A.-M. Hermansson, K. Larsson pp.233-240.
  • Microstructure of lentil seeds (Lens culinaris). J. S. Hughes, B. G. Swanson pp. 241-246.
  • Structural characteristics of Eleusine corocana (finger millet) using scanning electron and fluorescence microscopy. C. M. McDonough, L. W. Rooney, C. F. Earp pp. 247-256.
  • Fluorescence characterization of the mature caryopsis of Sorghum bicolor (L.) Mooench. C. F. Earp, L. W. Rooney pp. 257-264.
  • Lipolytic changes in the milk fat of raw milk and their effects on the quality of milk products. E. Kirst pp. 265-276.
  • The development of structure in whipped cream. B. E. Brooker, M. Anderson, A. T. Andrews pp. 277-286.
  • Relationship between microstructure and susceptibility to syneresis in yoghurt made from reconstituted nonfat dry milk. V. R. Harwalkar, M. Kaláb pp. 287-294.
  • Electron dense granules in yoghurt: Characterization by X-ray microanalysis.E. M. Parnell-Clunies, Y. Kakuda, R. Humprey pp. 295-302.

Food Microstructure Vol. 6, Number 1, 1987

  • Product morphology of fatty products. I. Heertje, M. Leunis, W. J. M. Van Zeyl, E. Berends pp. 1-8.
  • Scanning electron microscopy studies of cellular changes in raw, fermented and dried cocoa beans. A. S. Lopez, P. S. Dimick, R. M. Walsh pp. 9-16.
  • Microbial cell division and separation: Effect of citrate on the growth of group N streptococci. S. Ita, T. Kobayashi, K. Ozaki, T. Morichi, M. Saitoh pp. 17-24.
  • The crystallization of calcium phosphate at the surface of mould-ripened cheeses. B. E. Brooker pp. 25-24.
  • The size distribution and shape of curd granules in traditional Swiss hard and semi-hard cheeses. M. W. Rüegg, U. Moor pp. 35-46.
  • The morphology of black tea cream. R. D. Bee, M. J. Izzard, R. S. Harbron, J. M. Stubbs pp. 47-56.
  • Microstructural studies of texturized vegetable protein products: Effects of oil addition and transformation of raw materials in various sections of a twin screw extruder. S. Gwizda, A. Noguchi, K. Saio pp. 57-62.
  • The influence of ingredients and processing variables on the quality and microstructure of Hokkien, Cantonese and instant noodles. R. Moss, P. J. Gore, I. C. Murray pp. 63-74.
  • Effect of ionizing irradiation and storage on mushroom ultrastructure II. The stipe and the upper part of the cap of Agaricus bisporus (Lge. Imbach). A. Keresztes, E. Kovács pp. 75-80.
  • Textural properties and structure of starch-reinforced surimi gels as affected by heat-setting. J. M. Kim, C. M. Lee, L. A. Hufnagel pp. 81-90.
  • Seed microstructure and its relationship to water uptake in isogenic lines and a cultivar of dry beans (Phaseolus vulgaris L.). M. A. Uebersax, K. Klomparenspp. 91-102.
  • Influence of delignifying agents on tissue structure in bermudagrass stems. D. E. Akin, L. L. Rigsby, F. E. Barton II, P. Gelfand, D. S. Himmelsbach, W. R. Windham pp. 103-113.

Food Microstructure Vol. 6, Number 2, 1987

  • Confocal scanning laser microscopy in food research: Some observations. I. Heertje, P. van der Vlist, J. C. G. Blonk, H. A. C. Hendrickx, G. J. Brakenhoff pp. 115-120.
  • An electron spin resonance study of stearic acid interactions in model wheat starch and gluten systems. L. E. Pearce, E. A. Davis, J. Gordon, W. G. Miller pp. 121-126.
  • Cellular rupture and release of protoplasm and protein bodies from bean and pea cotyledons during imbibition. S. C. Spaeth, J. S. Hughes pp. 127-134.
  • The microstructure and rehydration properties of the Phoenix oyster musheroom (Pleurotus sajor-caju) dried by three alternative processes. B. Li-Shing-Tat, P. Jelen pp. 135-142.
  • Fluorescence and light microscopic analysis of digested oat bran. S. H. Yiu, R. Mongeau pp. 143-150.
  • Physical and molecular properties of lipid polymorphs - a review. K. Sato(Review paper) pp. 151-160.
  • Effect of clotting in stomachs of infants on protein digestibility of milk. S. Nakai, E. Li-Chan pp. 161-170.
  • Effects of drying techniques on milk powders quality and microstructure: A review. M. Caric, M. Kaláb pp. 171-180.
  • Textural properties and microstructure of process cheese food rework. M. Kaláb, J. Yun, S. H. Yiu pp. 181-192.
  • The effects of polysorbate 80 on the fat emulsion in ice cream mix: Evidence from transmission electron microscopy studies. H. D. Goff, M. Liboff, W. K. Jordan, J. E. Kinsella pp. 193-198.
  • Structural binding properties of silvercarp (Hypophtalmichthys molitrix) muscle affected by NaCl and CaCl2 treatments. I. Shomer, Z. G. Weinberg, R. Vasiliver pp. 199-208.
  • Internal porosity of corn extrudate air cell wall. S. H. Cohen, C. A. Voyle pp. 209-211.

Food Microstructure Vol. 7, Number 1, 1988

  • The effects of gamma irradiation and calcium treatment on the ultrastructure of apples and pears. E. Kovács, A. Keresztes, J. Kovács (Review paper) pp. 1-14.
  • The microstructure of spray-dried microcapsules. M. Rosenberg, Y. Talmon, I. J. Kopelman pp. 15-24.
  • Functional and microstructural effects of fillers in comminuted meat products.F. W. Comer, P. Allan-Wojtas (Review paper) pp.25-46.
  • The retention of contractility of rabbit myofibrils during storage at 25°C. M. Nakamura, M. Muguruma, T. Fukazawa, M. Yamaguchi pp. 47-52.
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Food Microstructure Vol. 7, Number 2, 1988

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Food Microstructure Vol. 8, Number 1, 1989

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  • Advanced techniques for preparation and characterization of small unilamellar vesicles. G. Mason pp. 11-14.
  • Soluble and insoluble dietary fiber in cooked common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris) seeds. J. S. Hughes, B. G. Swanson pp. 15-22.
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Food Microstructure Vol. 8, Number 2, 1989

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Food Structure Vol. 9, Number 1, 1990

  • Effect of high-pressure homogenization on a sterilized infant formula: Microstructure and age gelation. Y. Pouliot, M. Britten, B. Latreille pp. 1-8.
  • Identification and characterization of cocoa solids and milk proteins in chocolate using X-ray microanalysis. B. E. Brooker pp. 9-22.
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  • A simple carrier for freezing difficult food samples in preparation for scanning electron microscopy. P. Allan-Wojtas pp. 75-76.

Food Structure Vol. 9, Number 2, 1990

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  • Food Microstructure - cumulative index. D. N. Holcomb pp. 155-173.

Food Structure Vol. 9, Number 3, 1990

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Food Structure Vol. 9, Number 4, 1990

  • Gelation of myosin filament under high hydrostatic pressure. K. Yamamoto, T. Miura, T. Yasui pp. 269-278.
  • The microstructure of raw meat batters prepared with monovalent and divalent chloride salts. A. Gordon, S. Barbut pp. 279-296.
  • Rheological and microstructural changes of oat and barley starches during heating and cooling. K. Autio pp. 297-304.
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  • Emulsifiers as additives in fats: Effect of polymorphic transformations and crystal properties of fatty acids and triglycerides. J. Aronhime, S. Sarig, N. Garti(Tutorial paper) pp. 337-352.

Food Structure Vol. 10, Number 1, 1991

  • Electron microscopic studies on the ultrastructure of curdlan and other polysaccharides in gels used in foods. T. Harada, Y. Kanzawa, K. Kanenaga, A. Koreeda, A. Harada (Review paper) pp. 1-18.
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  • Structure and rheology of dairy products: A compilation of references with subject and author indexes. D. N. Holcomb (Bibliography) pp. 45-108.

Food Structure Vol. 10, Number 2, 1991

  • Influence of emulsifier on the competitive adsorption of whey protein in emulsions. J.-L. Courthauson, E. Dickinson, Y. Matsumura, A. Williams pp. 109-116.
  • Distribution of amylose and amylopectin in potato starch pastes: Effects of heating and Shearing. K. Svegmark, A.-M. Hermansson pp. 117-130.
  • Microstructure of adzuki beans (Vigna angularis cv. Express). A. Chilukuri. B. G. Swanson pp. 131-136.
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  • Recent developments in the application of X-ray microanalysis to the study of food systems. B. E. Brooker pp. 145-152.
  • Effect of extruder die temperature on texture and microstructure of restructured mechanically deboned chicken and corn starch. V. B. Alvarez. D. M. Smith, S. Flegler pp. 153-160.
  • Structures and properties of stabilized vitamin and carotenoid dry powders. V. E. Colombo, F. Gerber pp. 161-170.
  • Application of scanning electron microscopy and X-ray microanalysis to investigate corrosion problems in plain and enamelled three piece welded food cans. J. E. Charbonneau pp. 171-184.

Food Structure Vol. 10, Number 3, 1991

  • Magnetic resonance imaging of cheese structure. M. Rosenberg, M. J. McCarthy, R. Kauten pp. 185-192.
  • Structure, meltability, and firmness of process cheese containing White cheese. M. Kaláb, H. W. Modler, M. Caric, S. Milanovic pp. 193-202.
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  • Effect of chemical modification on the microstructure of raw meat batters. A. Gordon, S. Barbut pp. 241-254.
  • Textural and microstructural properties of frozen fish mince as affected by the addition of nonfish proteins and sorbitol. K. S. Yoon, C. M. Lee, L. A. Hufnagelpp. 255-266.
  • Ultrastructural evidence for temperature-dependent Ca2+ release from fish sarcoplasmic reticulum during rigor mortis. H. Ushio, S. Watabe, M. Iwamoto, K. Hashimoto pp. 267-275.

Food Structure Vol. 10, Number 4, 1991

  • Microstructural studies of gluten and a hypothesis on dough formation. T. Amend, H.-D. Belitz, pp. 277-288.
  • Light microscopy observations on the mechanism of dough development in Chinese steamed bread production. S. Huang, R. Moss pp. 289-294.
  • Scanning electron microscope observations of growth and ochratoxin-A production of Aspergillus alutaceus variety alutaceus (formerly A. ochraneuson gamma-irradiated barley. J. G. Szekely, W. S. Chelack, S. Delaney, R. R. Marquardt, A. A. Frohlich pp. 295-302.
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  • Fat-holding in hamburgers as influenced by the different constituents of beef adipose tissue. A. Olsson, E. Tornberg pp. 333-344.
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  • The contribution of milk serum proteins to the development of whipped cream structure. E. C. Needs, A. Huitson pp. 353-360.
  • Natural systems for preventing contamination and growth of microorganisms in foods. K.-T. Chung, C. A. Murdock (Tutorial paper) pp. 361-374.

Food Structure Vol. 11, Number 1, 1992

  • A low-temperature scanning electron microscopy study of ice cream. I. Techniques and general microstructure. K. B. Caldwell, H. D. Goff, D. W. Stanley pp. 1-10.
  • A low-temperature scanning electron microscopy study of ice cream. II. Influence of selected ingredients and processes. K. B. Caldwell, H. D. Goff, D. W. Stanley pp. 11-24.
  • Distribution of aromatic compounds in coastal bermudagrass cell walls using ultraviolet absorption scanning microspectrophotometry. N. O. Ames, R. D. Hartley, D. E. Akin pp. 25-32.
  • Molecular strategies to improve protein quality and reduce flatulence in legumes: A review. B. O. de Lumen pp. 33-46.
  • Effects of processing on the microstructure of oat (Avena sativa) bran concentrate and the physicochemical properties of isolated beta-glucans. K. Autio, Y. Mälkki, T. Virtanen pp. 47-54.
  • Image analysis to determine intramuscular fat in muscle. T. Ishii, R. G. Cassens, K. K. Scheller, S. C. Arp, D. M. Schaefer pp. 55-60.
  • Structure and rheology of string cheese. S. Taneya, T. Izutsu, T. Kimura, T. Shioya pp. 61-72.
  • Effect of lactose and protein on the microstructure of dried milk. V. V. Mistry, H. N. Hassan, D. J. Robison pp. 73-82.

Food Structure Vol. 11, Number 2, 1992

  • Computer modeling: The adjunct micro technique for lipids. J. W. Hagemann, J. A. Rothfus (Review paper) pp. 85-100.
  • A moving optical fibre technique for structure analysis of heterogeneous products: Application to the determination of the bubble-size distribution in liquid foams. C. G. J. Bisperink, J. C. Akkerman, A. Prins, A. D. Ronteltap pp. 101-108.
  • A moving optical fibre technique for structure analysis of heterogeneous products: Application to different foodstuffs. J. C. Akkerman, C. G.J. Bisperink, A. D. Ronteltap pp. 109-114.
  • Characterization of the pore structure of starch based food materials.Z.Hicsasmaz, J. T. Clayton pp. 115-132.
  • Effect of chemical modifications on the stability, texture and microstructure of cooked meat batters. A. Gordon, S. Barbut (Review paper) pp. 133-146.
  • Structure of margarines made with low erucic acid rapeseed oil. J. Hojerová, S. Schmidt, J. Krempaský pp. 147-154.
  • Microstructure and texture of khoa. G. R. Patil, A. A. Patel, P. Allan-Wojtas, M. Kaláb pp. 155-164.
  • Effect of ionizing gamma-radiation on thermoluminescence and electron spin resonance intensities in milk protein concentrate powders. J. Kispéter, L. I. Horváth, L. I. Kiss pp. 165-170.
  • Microstructural differences among adzuki bean (Vigna angularis) cultivars. E. Engquist, B. G. Swanson pp. 171-180.
  • Scanning electron microscopy studies of a typical Spanish confectionery product "Xixona turrón". M. A. lluch, M. J. Galotto, A. Chiralt pp. 181-186.

Food Structure Vol. 11, Number 3, 1992

  • Mechanical properties of starch, protein, and endosperm and their relationship to hardness in wheat. G. M. Glenn, R. K. Johnston pp. 187-200.
  • Importance of enzymes to value-added quality of foods. J. R. Whitaker (Review paper) pp. 201-208.
  • Cryo-scanning electron microscopy investigation of the texture of cooked potatoes. J. T. van Marie, A. C. M. Clerkx, A. Boekestein pp. 209-216.
  • Effect of draw pH on the development of curd structure during the manufacture of Mozzarella cheese. L. J. Kiley, P. S. Kindstedt, G. M. Hendricks, J. E. Levis, J. J. Yun, D. M. Barbano pp. 217-224.
  • Influence of addition of polyol and food emulsifiers on the retrogradation rate of starch. M. Miura, A. Nishimura, K. Katsuta pp. 225-236.
  • Light microscopy measurements of ice recrystallization in frozen corn starch pastes using isothermal freeze fixation. C. Ferrero, M. N. Martino, N. E. Zaritzky pp. 237-248.
  • Relating spectral observations of the agricultural landscape to crop yield. C. L. Wiegand, A. J. Richardson (Tutorial paper) pp. 249-258.
  • Scanning electron microscopy and ultraviolet absorption microspectrophotometry of plant cell types of different biodegradabilities. E. E. Akin, L. L. Rigsby pp. 259-272.
  • Functional properties and microstructure of chicken breast salt soluble protein gels as influenced by pH and temperature. S. F. Wang, D. M. Smith pp. 273-285.

Food Structure Vol. 11, Number 4, 1992

  • Identification of proteins and complex carbohydrates in some commercial low-fat dairy products by means of immunolocalization techniques. B. L. Armbruster, N. Desai pp. 289-300.
  • Characterization of food packaging materials by microscopic, spectrophotometric, thermal and dynamic mechanical analysis. I. R. Urzendowski, D. G. Pechak (Review paper) pp. 301-314.
  • Heat-induced structural changes in acid-modified barley starch dispersions.K. Autio, K. Poutanen, T. Suortti, E. Pessa pp. 315-322.
  • Ultrastructural changes in cherimoya fruit injured by chilling. M. Gutiérrez, M. del Mar Sola, L. Pascual, M. I. Rodríguez-García, A. M. Vargas pp. 323-332.
  • Scanning electron microscopy structure and firmness of papain treated apple slices. Y. Luo, M. E. Patterson, B. G. Swanson pp. 333-338.
  • The cellular structure of selected apple varieties. K. G. Lapsley, F. E. Escher, E. Hoehn pp. 339-350.
  • Objective measurement of the visual aspect of dry sausage slices by image analysis. A.-C. Roudot, F. Duprat, M.-G. Grotte, G. O'Lidha pp. 351-360.
  • Physicochemical properties of irradiation modified starch extrudates. A. S. Sokhey, R. Chinnaswamy pp. 361-371.
  • Thermal processing effects on rice characteristics. S.-M. Chang, H.-C. Yangpp. 373-382.

Food Structure Vol. 12, Number 1, 1993

  • Interfacial viscoelasticity in emulsions and foams. E. H. Lucassen-Reynders(Review paper) pp. 1-12.
  • Age related changes in the microstructure of Mozzarella cheese. L. J. Kiely, P. S. Kinstedt, G. M. Hendricks, J. E. Levis, J. J. Yun, D. M. Barbano pp. 13-20.
  • An apparatus for a new microcube encapsulation of fluid milk in preparation for transmission electron microscopy. M. C. Alleyne, D. J. McMahon, N. N. Youssef, S. Hekmat pp. 21-30.
  • Whey proteins as microencapsulating agents. Microencapsulation of anhydrous milkfat - structure evaluation. M. Rosenberg, S. L. Young pp. 31-42.
  • Lactose crystallization in spray-dried milk powders exposed to isobutanol. C. A. Aguilar, G. R. Ziegler pp. 43-50.
  • Mechanism of hard-to-cook defect in cowpeas: Verification via microstructure examination. K. Liu, Y.-C. hung, R. D. Phillips pp. 51-58.
  • A comparison of the effects of oven roasting and oil cooking on the microstructure of peanut (Arachis hypogaea L. cv. Florigiant) cotyledon. C. T. Young, W. E. Schadel pp. 59-66.
  • Distribution and intracellular localization of titanium in plants after titanium treatment. G.Kelemen, A. Keresztes, E. Bácsy, M. Fehér, P. Fodor, I. Pais pp. 67-72.
  • Critical point drier as a source of contamination in food samples prepared for scanning electron microscopy. G. Larocque, A. F. Yang (Technical tip) pp. 73-74.
  • Microstructural studies in fat research. I. Heertje (Tutorial paper) pp. 77-94.
  • Practical aspects of electron microscopy in dairy research. M. Kaláb (Tutorial paper) pp. 95-114.
  • The stabilisation of air in foods containing fat - a review. B. E. Brooker(Tutorial paper) pp. 115-122.
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Food Structure Vol. 12, Number 2, 1993

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Food Structure Vol. 12, Number 3, 1993

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Studies of Food Microstructure

Published in 1981 by Scanning Electron Microscopy, Inc., AMF O'Hare, IL 60666, USA
Editors: D. N. Holcomb, M. Kaláb
ISBN: 0-931288-22-3 Library of Congress Catalog Card. No.: 81-84080 1981

Table of contents:

SFMS numbers refer to pages in Studies of Food Microstructure, SEM numbers refer to the original location of the papers in Scanning Electron Microscopy.

Part I - General papers

  • Some examples of scanning electron microscopy in food science. R. J. Carroll, S. B. Jones (Review paper) SFMS pp. 1-8, SEM/1979/III:253-259.
  • Preparation of food science samples for SEM. J. F. Chabot (Review paper) SFMS pp. 9-16, SEM/1979/III:279-286, 298.
  • Application of scanning electron microscopy for the development of materials for food. C.-H. Lee, C. K. Rha (Review paper) SFMS pp. 17-24, SEM/1979/III:465-471.
  • The use of microscopy to explain the behaviour of foodstuffs - a review of work carried out at the Leatherhead Food Research Association. D. F. Lewis(Review paper) SFMS pp. 25-38, SEM/1981/III:391-404.
  • Identification of foreign matter in foods. J. T. Stasny, F. R. Albright, R. GrahamSFMS pp. 39-50, SEM/1981/III:599-610, 560.

Part II - Meat foods

  • Scanning electron microscopy in meat science. C. A. Voyle (Tutorial paper) SFMS pp. 51-60, SEM/1981/III:405-413.
  • Preparation of muscle samples for electron microscopy. H. D. Geissinger, D. W. Stanley (Tutorial paper) SFMS pp. 61-72, SEM/1981/III:415-426, 414.
  • The effect of catheptic enzymes on chilled bovine muscle. S. H. Cohen, L. R. Trusal SFMS pp. 73-78, SEM/1980/III:595-600.
  • Microscopical observation on electrically stimulated bovine muscle. C. A. VoyleSFMS pp. 79-86, SEM/1981/III:427-434.
  • Scanning and transmission electron microscopy of normal and PSE porcine muscle. J. D. Cloke, E. A. Davis, J. Gordon, S.-I. Hsieh, J. Grider, P. B. Addis, C. J. McGrath SFMS pp. 87-98, SEM/1981/III:435-446.
  • Identification of fat and protein components in meat emulsions using SEM and light microscopy. F. K. Ray, B. G. Miller, D. C. Van Sickle, E. D. Aberle, J. C. Forrest, M. D. Judge SFMS pp. 99-104, SEM/1979/III:473-478.
  • Meat emulsions - fine structure relationships and stability. R. J. Carroll, C. M. Lee SFMS pp. 105-110, SEM/1981/III:447-452.

Part III - Milk products, gels, and mayonnaise

  • Scanning electron microscopy of dairy products: An overview. M. Kaláb (Review paper) SFMS pp. 111-122, SEM/1979/III:261-272.
  • Electron microscopy of milk products: A review of techniques. M. Kaláb(Review paper) SFMS pp.123-142, SEM/1981/III:453-472.
  • Microstructure and rheology of process cheese. A. A. Rayan, M. Kaláb, C. A. Ernstrom SFMS pp. 143-152, SEM/1980/III:635-643.
  • Electron microscopy and sensory evaluation of commercial cream cheese. M. Kaláb, A. G. Sargant, D. A. Froehlich SFMS pp. 153-162, SEM/1981/III:473-482, 514.
  • Morphological, ultrastructural and rheological characterization of Cheddar and Mozzarella cheese. M. V. Taranto, P. J. Wan, S. L. Chen, K. C. Rha SFMS pp. 163-168, SEM/1979/III:273-278.
  • Morphological and textural characterization of soybean Mozzarella cheese analogs. M. V. Taranto, C. S. T. Yang SFMS pp.19-178, SEM/1981/III:483-492.
  • Possibilities of an electron-microscopic detection of buttermilk made from sweet cream in adulterated skim milk. M. Kaláb SFMS pp.179-186, SEM/1980/III:645-651.
  • A scanning electron microscopical investigation of the whipping of cream. D. G. Schmidt, A. C. M. van Hooydonk SFMS pp.187-192, 210, SEM/1980/III:653-658, 644.
  • A comparison of the microstructure of dried milk products by freeze-fracturing powder suspensions in non-aqueous media. W. Buchheim SFMS pp. 193-202, SEM/1981/III:493-502.
  • SEM investigation of the effect of lactose crystallization on the storage properties of spray-dried whey. M. Saltmarch, T. P. Labuza SFMS pp. 203-209, SEM/1980/III:659-665.
  • Effect of acidulants and temperature on microstructure, firmness and susceptibility to syneresis of skim milk gels. V. R. Harwalkar, M. Kaláb SFMS pp. 211-221, SEM/1981/III:503-513.
  • Structure of various types of gels as revealed by scanning electron microscopy (SEM). V. E. Colombo, P. J. Spath SFMS pp. 223-230, SEM/1981/III:515-522.
  • Microstructure of mayonnaise and salad dressing. M. A. Tung, L. J. Jones SFMS pp. 231-238, SEM/1981/III:523-530.

Part IV - Foods of plant origin

  • Scanning electron microscopy of soybeans and soybean protein products. W. J. Wolf, F. L. Baker (Review paper) SFMS pp. 239-252, SEM/1980/III:621-634.
  • Soybean seed-coat structural features: pits, deposits and cracks. W. J. Wolf, F. L. Baker, R. L. Bernard SFMS pp. 253-266, SEM/1981/III:531-544.
  • An SEM study of the effects of avian digestion on the seed coats of three common angiosperms. L. B. Smith SFMS pp. 267-274, SEM/1981/III:545-552.
  • Microstructure of traditional Japanese soybean foods. K. Saio (Review paper) SFMS pp. 275-282, SEM/1981/III:553-559.
  • Effects of exogenous enzymes on oilseed protein bodies. R. D. Allen, H. J. Arnott SFMS pp. 283-292, SEM/1981/III:561-570.
  • Tannin development and location in bird-resistant sorghum grain. P. Morrall, N. v. d. W. Liebenberg, C. W. Glennie SFMS pp. 293-298, SEM/1981/III:571-576.
  • Light microscopy of plant constituents in animal feeds. J. G. Vaughan (Tutorial paper) SFMS pp. 299-304, SEM/1981/III:577-582.
  • The relationship between wheat microstructure and flourmilling. R. Moss, N. L. Stenvert, K. Kingswood, G. Pointing SFMS pp. 305-312, SEM/1980/III:613-620.
  • Scanning electron microscopy of flour-water doughs treated with oxidizing and reducing agents. L. G. Evans, A. M. Pearson, G. R. Hooper SFMS pp. 313-322, SEM/1981/III:583-592.
  • Structural studies of carrots by SEM. E. A. Davis, J. Gordon (Tutorial paper) SFMS pp. 323-332, SEM/1980/III:601-611.
  • The microstructure of orange juice. G. G. Jewell SFMS pp. 333-338, SEM/1981/III:593-598.

Note: This page was compiled by M. Kaláb on December 28, 1998 and corrected, with apologies to the authors concerned, on February 13, 2014. Corrections: Page numbers in Food Microstructure 1(1) and in Food Microstructure 4(2) for authors R.J. Carroll et al. 

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