Hints for Making Good Homemade Ice Cream

  1.  If the ice cream is very soft, the brine is not cold enough. More salt should be added to reduce the brine temperature.
  2. If the ice cream is coarse and ice in less than 20 minutes, the brine has become to too cold too quickly. Too much salt has been used.
  3. Make the ice cream mix the day before it is frozen to get a smoother product and a higher yield.
  4. Electric freezing takes longer than hand operated.
  5. Use crushed ice for freezing.
  6. Freeze at least 3 hours before the ice cream is to be served.
  7. Be sure dasher is properly centred in the freezer can.
  8. Add liquid flavours before freezing but if you want to add fruits or nuts, add them after freezing and before hardening.
  9. Use a wire whip to blend ingredients for best results.
  10. Clean the salt off all the metal parts of the freezer to prevent corrosion.

For additional recipe suggestions, please see www.ice-cream-recipes.com. Examples of homemade ice cream freezers can be found at country-freezer.com.