Food Structure journal - Contributions from the University of Guelph

Food Structure journal: 1982-1993

The news about a new Food Structure journal established in 2013 by Elsevier Publishers comes almost exactly 20 years after the demise of a journal of that name, which represented a specialized publication forum for food scientists for 12 years.

An American organization in Chicago, Scanning Electron Microscopy, Inc., included food science in 1979 for the first time in its program of international annual conferences. This success led to a decision to start publishing a dedicated food structure journal under the title "Food Microstructure", which appeared semiannually starting in 1982. The Editor-in-Chief was a Canadian scientist, M. Kalab (Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada) and the first editors were 3 American scientists, S.H. Cohen, Eugenia Davis, and D.N. Holcomb. Om Johari of Scanning Electron Microscopy, Inc., (later renamed Scanning Microscopy International) was managing editor and publisher. W.J. Wolf (USDA) joined the journal as an additional American editor. Additional editors - I. Heertje of Unilever Research in the Netherlands and K. Sato of Hiroshima University in Japan took editorial care of manuscripts arriving from Europe and Asia, respectively. In addition to the editors, there was an Editorial Board, the members of which helped to review manuscripts. A total of 19 countries were represented in the Board over the existence of the journal. In 1990, it was renamed "Food Structure" at the suggestion of I. Heertje.

As a co-founder of the journal and its editor-in-chief, M. Kalab has published his reminiscences on the beginnings as well as the demise of the journal. He has included statistical data on the papers published as well as the representation of individual foods. A total of 386 papers were published (see Tables of Contents of all journals here). Milk and dairy products were the subjects of 79 papers followed by 61 papers on meat. The following 15 papers were published from the University of Guelph:

  • H. D. Geissinger, D. W. Stanley. 1981. Preparation of muscle samples for electron microscopy (Tutorial paper). Studies of Food Microstrucure 61-72 (SEM/1981/III:415-426, 414).
  • J. M. deMan. 1982. Microscopy in the study of fats and emulsions (Review paper). Food Microstructure 1(2):209-222.
  • D. W. Stanley. 1983. A review of the muscle cell cytoskeleton and its possible relation to meat texture and sarcolemma emptying.  (Review paper). Food Microstructure 2(1):99-110.
  • J. M. deMan, A. N. Mostafa, A. K. Smith. 1985. Thermal analysis microscopy for the study of phase changes in fats. Food Microstructure 4(2):233-240.
  • J. M. deMan, L. deMan, S. Gupta. 1986. Texture and microstructure of soybean curd (tofu) as affected by different coagulants.  Food Microstructure 5(1):83-90.
  • Goff, H.D., M. Liboff, W.K. Jordan, and J.E. Kinsella. 1987. The effects of Polysorbate 80 on the fat emulsion in ice cream mix : evidence from transmission electron microscopy studies. Food Microstructure 6(2):193-198.
  • Liboff, M., H.D. Goff, Z. Haque, W.K. Jordan, and J.E. Kinsella. 1988. Changes in the ultrastructure of emulsions as a result of electron microscopy preparation procedures. Food Microstructure 7(1):67-74.
  • A. Gordon, S. Barbut. 1989. The effect of chloride salts on the texture, microstructure and stability of meat batters. Food Microstructure 8(2):271-283.
  • A. Gordon, S. Barbut. 1990. The role of the interfacial protein film in meat batter stabilization. Food Structure 9(2):77-90.
  • A. Gordon, S. Barbut. 1990. The microstructure of raw meat batters prepared with monovalent and divalent chloride salts. Food Structure 9(4):279-296.
  • P. Chawla, J. M. deMan, A. K. Smith. 1990. Crystal morphology of shortenings and margarines (Tutorial paper). Food Structure 9(4):329-336.
  • A. Gordon, S. Barbut. 1991. Effect of chemical modification on the microstructure of raw meat batters. Food Structure 10(3):241-254.
  • Caldwell, K. B., H. D Goff, and D. W. Stanley. 1992. A low-temperature scanning electron microscopy study of ice cream. I. Techniques and general microstructure. Food Structure. 11(1):1-9 .
  • Caldwell, K. B., H. D Goff, and D. W. Stanley. 1992. A low-temperature scanning electron microscopy study of ice cream. II. Influence of selected ingredients and processes. Food Structure 11(1):11-23.
  • A. Gordon, S. Barbut. 1992. Effect of chemical modifications on the stability, texture and microstructure of cooked meat batters. (Review paper). Food Structure 11(2):133-146.