Food Safety and Quality Assurance Program (FSQA)

Why Food Safety and Quality Assurance at Guelph?

The University of Guelph is a pioneer in promoting Food Safety and Quality Assurance education.  Since the inception of the program in 1992, graduates have been in high demand by both industry and government.
Master of Science (MSc) and Graduate Diploma (GDip)
Please note that the Food Safety and Quality Assurance Program is totally self-funded by the student as there is no thesis component to this program. Applicants are not required to have a faculty advisor in place before acceptance to the program.    

MSc FSQA and GDip FSQA on-line applications are now being taken for the following entry points:
GDip FSQA January 2015 entry - apply by July 1, 2014.
MSc FSQA & GDip FSQA May 2015 entry - apply by November 1, 2014

Master of Science (MSc FSQA) - is a course based program of a minimum of eight courses including a seminar course and research project course.

The MSc FSQA program provides advanced training in food safety and quality and other aspects of food science and technology. FSQA students acquire knowledge of the fundamentals of food policy development, Canadian and international food law, applied aspects of total-quality management, food safety management systems, risk analysis, and detection and epidemiology of foodborne pathogens
Master of Science with Toxicology collaborative program (MSc FSQA+TOX) - The interdepartmental collaborative program for toxicology is the focal point for graduate teaching and research in toxicology.  Students wishing to undertake graduate studies at the M.Sc. level with emphasis on toxicology will be admitted by a participating department (Food Science) and will register in both the participating department and in the collaborative program (Toxicology).
Graduate Diploma (GDip FSQA) - is a prescribed program of five graduate level courses available through distance education.
The GDip FSQA provides an opportunity for graduate-level study of theory and research to students who are not interested in pursuing a full graduate degree. This professional program is designed to provide a balance of scientific and management principles underlying Food Safety and Quality Assurance, including microbial and chemical food safety issues, national and international regulatory environments, food risk analysis, and quality management.
The program is most suitable for those currently employed or seeking employment in any area of the food industry and associated service and government sectors that require advanced knowledge of food safety and quality management. 
Applicants for both the MSc and GDip FSQA are expected to have completed undergraduate courses that prepare them for participation in the program.  Sufficient background in microbiology, toxicology, statistics, and analytical methods is required.  
For a more detailed description of the Food Safety and Quality Assurance Program please refer to the Graduate Calendar.

For inquires about the FSQA program in the Department of Food Science, please contact:
         FSQA Director and Graduate Coordinator
           Prof. Mansel Griffiths
         FSQA Graduate Program Assistant
           Kay Norwell (
Information on applicable fees for graduate students is available from Student Financial Services.

How to Apply
Information on the application process is available from Graduate Studies.
Be sure to provide a current e-mail address in your application.  The Department of Food Science communicates with applicants using both e-mail and regular mail. 
Upgrading your Credentials for Graduate Study
To be eligible for a Master's program an applicant must present a 4 year Honours degree (or equivalent) from a recognized University and a minimum average of at least 70% in the last two years of study. Students who have not completed a 4 year Honours degree (or equivalent) or who do not meet the minimum admission average must complete additional courses (commonly referred to as upgrading) in order to be considered for admission to a graduate program at the University of Guelph.
Please consult upgrading information provided by Graduate Studies.
For senior level (300 or 400) Food Science undergraduate courses, please consult the undergraduate calendar.


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