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Beer brewing class: Irish Stout - December 2

Details  In this all-grain brewing class we'll show you how to make this traditional Irish ale. This beer is an evolution of the London Porter in which the body and strength became fuller and creamier than regular Porter, hence the name stout porter, which became shortened to...
Three scoops of ice cream on a mirrored surface

Ice Cream Technology Short Course, Dec. 4-7, 2023

This course focuses on the science and technology of ingredients, formulations, processing, and quality issues of ice cream production. It is intended for those from either artisanal and small-scale processing or mid to large-scale ice cream operations - both scales of production are covered, as well as suppliers and regulators wanting to understand ice cream processing at an in-depth level. This is a traditional short-course, with a blend of lectures, demonstrations and pilot plant activities. It also provides excellent opportunity for networking with Prof. Goff, U of G staff and...
Soft cheese on black wooden board

Cheesemaker Master Class - Latin American Cheeses - Feb. 20-21

Join our 2-Day Master Class and dive into the world of authentic Latin American cheeses!   Why Latin American Cheeses? With the Latin American community flourishing in the US and Canada, the flavors of Latin American cheeses are taking center stage in grocery stores across America. Embrace the rich cultural tapestry and bring the taste of tradition to your cheese...

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