Faculty and Staff Directory

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Name Title Email
Arthur Hill Faculty, Food Science Department Chair arhill@uoguelph.ca
Shai Barbut Faculty sbarbut@uoguelph.ca
Benjamin Bohrer Faculty bbohrer@uoguelph.ca
Sarah Bruce Administrative Support sbruce@uoguelph.ca
Milena Corredig Adjunct Faculty mcorredi@uoguelph.ca
Steve Cui Adjunct Faculty cuiw@uoguelph.ca
Douglas Dalgleish Professor Emeritus of OAC ddalglei@uoguelph.ca
Timothy Dubois Pilot Plant Technician duboist@uoguelph.ca
Lisa Duizer Faculty lduizer@uoguelph.ca
Jeff Farber Faculty, Graduate Coordinator (FSQA graduate program), Director (CRIFS) jfarber@uoguelph.ca
Douglas Goff Faculty, Departmental Undergraduate Faculty Advisor dgoff@uoguelph.ca
Mansel Griffiths Adjunct Faculty mgriffit@uoguelph.ca
Alexandra Grygorczyk Adjunct Faculty Alexandra.Grygorczk@vinelandresearch.com
Anne Ingram Administrative Assistant ingram@uoguelph.ca
Iris Joye Faculty ijoye@uoguelph.ca
Andrew Kropinski Adjunct Faculty akropins@uoguelph.ca
Gisele LaPointe Faculty, Dairy Farmers of Ontario Professorship in Dairy Microbiology glapoint@uoguelph.ca
Loong-Tak Lim Faculty llim@uoguelph.ca
Alejandro Marangoni Faculty, Canada Research Chair Food, Health and Aging amarango@uoguelph.ca
Massimo Marcone Faculty mmarcone@uoguelph.ca
Don Mercer Faculty dmercer@uoguelph.ca
Yoshinori Mine Faculty ymine@uoguelph.ca
Kay Norwell FSQA & Short Course Program Assistant knorwell@uoguelph.ca
Dr. Joseph Odumeru Adjunct Faculty jodumeru@uoguelph.ca
Dr. David Pink Adjunct Faculty dapink@uoguelph.ca
Sanaa Ragaee Adjunct Faculty sragaee@uoguelph.ca
Michael Rogers Faculty, Graduate Coordinator (MSc thesis, PhD programs) mroger09@uoguelph.ca
Trevor Smith Adjunct Faculty trsmith@uoguelph.ca
Sandy Smith Technician smitha@uoguelph.ca
Paul Spagnuolo Faculty pspagnuo@uoguelph.ca
Angela Tellez Adjunct Faculty atellez@uoguelph.ca
Patricia Townsend Academic Secretary tricia.townsend@uoguelph.ca
Leona Varga-Lowe Financial Clerk/Department Secretary lvarga@uoguelph.ca
Shane Walker Manager, Core Facility swalke03@uoguelph.ca
Keith Warriner Faculty kwarrine@uoguelph.ca
Anne Wilcock Adjunct Faculty, University Professor Emerita wilcock@uoguelph.ca
Rickey Yada Adjunct Faculty ryada@uoguelph.ca