How do I get an FSQA research project for course FSQA*6500?

New students start their program in the fall semester.  The first semester course FSQA*6000 Food Safety and Quality Assurance Seminar course provides experiential training in forms of communication that are likely to be required in professional or academic careers in food science and technology.  During the seminar course, you will be able to select a project and start refining your research objectives.  You will have a Faculty Advisor and Committee Member for your Advisory Committee. 

When you are registering and selecting courses for the winter semester, you will register for the FSQA*6500 FSQA Research course.  Select this course each semester until you receive a grade. Typically, students register for FSQA*6500 in the winter and summer semesters.  Some projects take more time, so students select the course again in the following fall semester.

You are welcome to find a Faculty Advisor on your own, but need to discuss your project plans with Prof. Jeff Farber, the Instructor for FSQA*6500.