What courses do I take for the +Toxicology program (MSc FSQA+TOX)?

If you are registered in the MSc FSQA+TOX program (toxicology collaborative program), you will need to take 2 Toxicology graduate courses as part of your 4.5 credits for the MSc FSQA program.

There are three toxicology courses to select from.  Typically, FSQA students take the winter semester TOX*6200 Advanced Topics in Toxicology and the summer semester TOX*6000 Advanced Principles of Toxicology courses.  Please note that the TOX*6000 course runs in conjunction with an industry course.  The course runs over 2 week of full day sessions (Monday to Friday) on campus with graduate students and industry participants attending the course.  Graduate students have assignments they submit for a grade.  There is no cost to register in the course for graduate students - the course is selected through the course add form when summer semester registration opens. 

For questions about the toxicology courses, please contact:

Toxicology Director
Dr. Richard Manderville

Science Complex 3243
Ext. 53963

Toxicology Graduate Program Assistant
Lisa O'Dwyer

Science Complex 2513
Ext. 53044