Applying for Undergraduate Studies

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Admission to undergraduate studies in the Food Science department are handled centrally by the University. For information about the application process, transfers, post-degree applications, and completing a second degree visit Undergraduate Admissions.

Our current schedule of studies can be found here.

For descriptions about the courses that are currently offered by the department, refer to the undergraduate courses page.

Certificate in Food Science

As an alternate to a minor or second degree, consider the Certificate in Food Science program which is offered through Distance Education. For information on the Certificate in Food Science program, please see the Undergraduate Calendar at or

Non Degree Course Offerings

If you don't want to enroll into a degree program but would still like the opportunity to participate in undergraduate classes, consider taking courses as a non-degree student. This would not lead to a degree or diploma from the University of Guelph, but you could show on your CV that you have taken Guelph courses. After completing the courses a transcript of marks will be available for any courses that you have taken. For information on upgrading a currently existing degree, refer to the admissions website for post-degree applicants.

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