Guelph Food Academy Instructor

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Jeffrey Farber, PhD

Professor and FSQA Graduate Program Coordinator
Department of Food Science


Dr. Farber is a Professor and the Food Safety Quality Assurance (FSQA) Program Coordinator in the Department of Food Science, University of Guelph.  He recently stepped down as the Director of the Bureau of Microbial Hazards, Food Directorate, in the Health Products and Food Branch of Health Canada, where he worked for over 25 years. As Director at Health Canada, Dr. Farber was responsible for leading a dynamic team composed of national and international scientists committed to research and policy related to microbial food safety. His expertise in food safety and public health has led to many global partners in key areas of academia, population and public health, government and industry. 

Dr. Farber has been instrumental in advancing the development of policy approaches on emerging microbial food safety issues in Canada and at a global level. He has extensive experience working at the international level, in particular with FAO and WHO. He is also a Past-President of the International Association for Food Protection, and a member and Treasurer of the International Commission on Microbiological Specifications for Foods (ICMSF). He is also a member of the Agriculture, Food and Nutrition Working Group of the New York Academy of Sciences, and is on the Board of Directors of the Center for Produce Safety, based in the USA.

Dr. Farber has over 150 publications, plus numerous Book Chapters and has edited 4 books. He has also received numerous personal and team awards, the most recent being a Science and Technology award from the Canadian Meat Council.


Rocio Morales, PhD

Laboratory Manager
Department of Food Science
Rocio currently manages the Canadian Research Institute for Food Safety (CRIFS) as liaison with the food industry and support for graduate students and postdoctoral researchers. She leads applied research projects for a variety of food safety stakeholders. As a researcher, Dr. Morales has been collaborating with industry and academia for more than 10 years developing molecular methods for detection of bacterial and viral pathogens in food commodities. Dr. Morales is also an invited lecturer in the Food Science and Technology Masters Program at the Autonomous University of Queretaro, Mexico.



Angela Tellez Garay, PhD

Adjunct faculty
Department of Food Science
Dr. Angela Tellez Garay is a Food Safety and Quality Assurance professional with over 15 years of industry experience. Dr. Tellez Garay has a MSc from Texas A&M University and a PhD from University of Guelph.Her areas of expertise are food microbiology and food risk analysis with emphasis on microbial risk assessment. During her career in food safety she has worked in academia, government, and extensively in the industry. In her last job Dr. Tellez Garay was in charge of leading the Food Safety group at Kraft Canada. Recently Dr. Tellez Garay joined the University of Guelph and currently manages the Food Science Technical group. She is adjunct faculty of the department of Food Science at University of Guelph and teaches in the Food Safety and Quality Masters Program since 2009.