Participant Comments

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What do participants think about our online Food Safety Training Programs?

"I'm applying the gained knowledge in my day-to-day business” Samantha Lebans, Director of Research and Development, MacArthur's Nurseries Inc., September 2015

"Excellent course to challenge your standards and systems while refreshing key food safety knowledge"  Pedro Anduaga, Head of Food Safety & Quality, Natra S.A., November 2014

"A step-by-step checklist, from concept to risk assessment to regulatory affairs" Santo Fata, Vice-President, Sager Food Products Inc., November 2014

A summary of the latest Participant Survey Results from our Loblaw Academy programs is provided in the attached 'What do participants think about our online Food Safety Program?'

How our Guelph Food Academy programs are assessed

After completing each session, a survey was sent to participants to gather feedback regarding the course material, fulfillment of expectations, overall experience, implementation of learned food safety practices, and sharing of gained knowledge with other groups within or outside their facilities. These results confirmed the successful delivery of our training program and the use of the gained knowledge for improving and implementing food safety practices.