13th Annual OMAFRA Food Safety Research Forum

The Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Food and Rural Affairs’ 13th Annual Food Safety Research Forum was held in Guelph, Ontario on May 5, 2015.  

The Food Safety Research Forum lets stakeholders:

  • learn about the ministry's food safety research projects and programs
  • hear from researchers, government and industry on their food safety priorities
  • network and participate in knowledge sharing activities over lunch, including a plain language research poster session
  • provide input on food safety research needs for their sector

The Forum is delivered as part of ministry's Food Safety Research Program, a competitive research fund to support innovative food safety research projects. The main objectives of this program are:

  • development and validation of testing methods for the detection of pathogens and chemicals for use in laboratory and field settings
  • identification of emerging hazards and contaminants
  • risk assessment and risk management in food safety

Where permission was received, speaker presentations from the Forum are posted below to support the Forum’s above objectives.

Spatial distribution of Ochratoxin A contamination in stored winter wheat grain  presentation by Victor Limay-Rios and Art Schaafsma

Risk of Milk Residues after Topical Tetracycline HCl Treatment of Digital Dermatitis presentation by G. Cramer (University of Minnesota) and R. Johnson (University of Guelph)

Promoting a Behavioural Perspective on Food Safety presentation by Spencer Henson Department of Food, Agricultural & Resource Economics (University of Guelph) 

“If we had $1,000,000…” presentation by Jane Parmley and Colleen Murphy, Public Health Agency of Canada

Can Food Safety Training Effectively Improve Knowledge and Practice in Ontario High School Students? presentation by Shannon Majowicz, School of Public Health and Health Systems (University of Waterloo)

"If I had $1,000,000..." presentation by John Kelly, Ontario Fruit and Vegetable Growers' Association

Benchmarking World Food Safety Performance presentation by Dr. Jean-Charles Le Vallée, Senior Research Associate, Centre for Food in Canada