M.Sc. Food Science student position - cereal nanotechnology (full-time position, 2 year)

Posted on Friday, April 27th, 2018

M.Sc. Food Science student position - cereal nanotechnology (full-time position, 2 year)

Laboratory of Cereal Science and Technology
Food Science Department, University of Guelph


The Laboratory of Cereal Science and Technology is looking for excellent candidates for a M.Sc. project on cereal nanotechnology starting September 2018.

Research group

As a Cereal Science and Technology Laboratory we focus our research efforts on unravelling and understanding the functionality of different cereal biopolymers in a wide range of cereal products and their potential use as matrix material for nanoscale encapsulation systems. Hereto, several chemical, biochemical, physical and biophysical techniques are used to gain more insight in the molecular structures and interactions at the basis of this functionality. Besides fundamental research, we also engage in more applied research projects usually carried out in close collaboration with industrial partners.
The research group of which the successful candidate will be part is a dynamic, young and ambitious team which is investing in high quality research, intensive training of students and close collaboration with industry and society.


The newly appointed M.Sc. student will be involved in ongoing research on the structure and interactions that wheat proteins undergo during the production of nanoscale encapsulation systems. Some examples of techniques that will be used are FTIR, SE-HPLC, RP-HPLC, fluorescence spectroscopy and SEM. A chemical and enzyme toolbox will be used to specifically change the complex structure of wheat proteins prior to nanoparticle production.


We are looking for an enthusiastic addition to our research team with the following qualifications:

  • Passionate about research and problem solving
  • Holding an undergraduate degree in a relevant field (such as (but not limited to) polymer chemistry, enzymology, or biophysics)
  • Demonstrating strong experience in basic and advanced chemical laboratory skills
  • Capable to work as an independent, critical and creative researcher
  • Demonstrating the capability and desire to take ownership of a project
  • Open to think and work interdisciplinary
  • Eager to publish in peer-reviewed journals
  • Capable to present research results at project meetings and conferences in English
  • Keen to integrate in an international research team

For more information, please contact Iris Joye
e-mail: ijoye@uoguelph.ca

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