MSc Position in Food Science to Develop an LED-Based Decontamination Method for Food and Non-Food Surfaces

Posted on Wednesday, October 28th, 2020

Food Science Research - MSc position

Graduate student recruitment is currently underway in association with a project in the area of Food Science.
Develop an LED-Based Decontamination Method for Food and Non-Food Surfaces


An MSc position is available in the Department of Food Science and Center for Public Health & Zoonotic Disease (CPHAZ) to develop an LED-hydrogen peroxide gas phase-Advanced Oxidation Process based decontamination technology.

The research will be an extension of the gas phase-Advanced Oxidation Process developed for decontamination of fresh produce and N95 masks. The goal of the project is to develop a portable gas phase-Advanced Oxidation Process by applying LED and electrospraying technologies. Baseline studies will optimize the Advanced Oxidation Process and electrostatic spray system. A prototype unit will be constructed and antimicrobial efficacy optimized on a range of food and non-food surfaces.

Desired Background

Selection of the successful MSc candidate will be based on a combination of academic criteria, relevant interest, career goals, motivation and letters of reference. The ideal candidate will have a food engineering background with interest in microbiology. The project is in collaboration with the School of Engineering and Clean Works Inc with funding being provided by NSERC Partnership program.

Start Date

May 2021 (summer semester)

Application Process

Applications should be submitted to Dr Keith Warriner ( or Dr Mahdiyeh Hasani ( and should include

  • a cover letter,
  • a CV,
  • a copy of transcripts,
  • the names of three references 

Project related enquires should be directed to Dr. Warriner or Dr. Hasani. Further enquires related to the general application procedures can be directed to Tricia Townsend (

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