Table 4.3

Table 4.3 The principal whey proteins and some properties of importance to cheese making

Name % of Whey Protein Properties
Beta-lactoglobulin 40
  • Readily reacts with -casein at temperatures greater than 65C and interferes with rennet coagulation
  • Principal component of ricotta cheese
Alpha-lactalbumin 15
  • Principal protein of breast milk
  • Used to prepare infant formula
Immuno-globulins 6
  • Stabilizes casein particles against coagulation
  • Bonds with whey proteins during heating
Other heat sensitive proteins 4.0
  • Mainly includes bovine serum albumin
Heat stable proteins 14
  • Cannot be recovered by heat-acid precipitation as in ricotta cheese manufacture
Non-protein nitrogen 21
  • Consists of amino acids, ammonia, urea and small peptides