Graduate Programs - old

Graduate Programs in Geography emphasize human-environment geography, environmental geoscience, and geomatics, with considerable strength in areas of environmental management and governance, biophysical systems and processes, and socioeconomic spaces and change. A unifying theme is integration and investigations at local to global scales in developed and developing nations. We provide advanced training for students to carry out high quality original research in their chosen areas and to be competitive in an increasingly diverse job market. We do so through coursework, one-on-one research training by acclaimed faculty, and self-directed learning. Our graduate students demonstrate outstanding academic achievement through winning major awards, producing publications, and securing employment.

What sets us apart?

  • Guaranteed financial support for all full-time graduate students
  • Comprehensive support for field research expenses and travel
  • Outstanding faculty dedicated to a collaborative model of graduate studies
  • Opportunities for advanced research in one of Canada’s top comprehensive universities
  • Exceptional facilities for graduate students
  • Spacious campus with modern amenities in the vibrant and engaged community of Guelph

Geography @Guelph offers graduate programs in:

  • Masters of Arts in Geography
  • Masters of Science in Geography
  • PhD in Geography
  • MA, MSc and PhD in Geography and International Development Studies

Check out our Faculty Profiles to align your scholarly interests with a potential advisor. It is normal practice for applicants to contact advisors to discuss opportunities for graduate studies.