Former HRSL Team

Research Thesis
Past post-doc Justin Adams Adams, Justin Active and passive microwave remote sensing: Validation and scaling over an agricultural region. [PhD 2015]
Doctoral grad Nasim Alavi Alavi, Nasim Data assimilation techniques to improve evapotranspiration estimates. [PhD 2008]
MSc grad Jonathan Belanger Belanger, Jonathan The role of soil moisture monitoring networks in the validation of remotely sensed soil moisture estimates. [MSc 2014]
MSc grad Travis Burns Burns, Travis Evaluating The Spatial And Temporal Variability Of Soil Moisture Within The Brightwater Creek Watershed, Saskatchewan, Canada. [MSc 2015]
MSc grad Olivia Carpino Carpino, Olivia Permafrost probability modelling and mapping in southern Northwest Territories and northeastern British Columbia. [MSc 2017]
No photo available for Melanie Chobot Chabot (Cowan), Melanie Characterizing Agricultural Surface roughness using a terrestrial laser scanner: Implications for soil moisture retrieval from remote sensing products. [MSc 2016]
PhD grad Catherine Champagne Champagne, Catherine Assessing agricultural drought conditions using remote sensing. [PhD 2011]
MSc grad Lisa Courtney Courtney, Lisa Evaluating the controls of soil moisture variability within the Canadian Land Surface Scheme (CLASS). [MSc 2009]
Doctoral grad Gift Dumedah Dumedah, Gift Multi-objective calibration of Hydrological Models and Data Assimilation using genetic agorithms. [PhD 2009]
MSc grad Colleen Fuss Fuss, Colleen Digital Elevation Model generation and fusion. [MSc 2013]
MSc grad Dionne Hansen Hansen, Dionne N. Soil moisture variability at the regional and Satellite Pixel Scale: Implications for Calibration/validation Networks. [MA 2007]
MSc grad Rachel Humphrey Humphrey, Rachel The dynamics of active layer soil moisture over Canadian Arctic tundra in Trail Valley Creek, NT observed in-situ and with remote sensing. [MSc 2015]
MSc grad Sarah Impera Impera, Sarah Validating In Situ Soil Moisture Monitoring Networks for use with Passive Microwave Soil Moisture Products. [MSc 2012]
MSc grad Melisa Kopan Kopan, Melisa Examining Multiple Techniques to Interpolate Discrete soil moisture measurements using a large-scale lysimeter facility . [MSc 2019]
MSc grad Eleni Koukidis Koukidis, Eleni N. The sensitivity of the statistical downscaling model (SDSM) to reanalysis products. [MSc 2007]
MSc grad Joshua MacDougall MacDougall, Joshua E. Evaluating linear polarizations from C-band SAR to changes in vegetation and in-situ soil moisture over corn fields in SW Ontario. [MSc 2017]
PhD graduate Hida Manns Manns, Hida Soil organic carbon in soil water content variability; detection and application in agricultural fields. [PhD 2015]
MSc Steve McKeown McKeown, Steve Discrimination of agricultural land management practices using polarimetric Synthetic Aperture RADAR.[MSc 2012]
MSc grad Amie Melnychuck Melnychuck, Amie Multi-temporal crop classification using a decision tree in a Southern Ontario agricultural region. [MSc 2012]
MSc grad Kate Powell Powell, Kate Evaluating soil moisture variability using Synthetic Aperture RADAR and LiDAR derived wetness indices. [MSc 2011]
MSc grad Luke Powell Powell, Luke R. Links among climate, soil moisture and grasshopper populations in Alberta. [MSc 2005]
MSc grad Jess Rogers Rogers, Jess Remote sensing for the prediction of wind erosion potential. [MSc 2011]
MSc grad Swapan Roy Roy, Swapan Role of data simulation in earth sciences. [MSc 2014]
MSc grad Rebecca Scriver Scriver, Rebecca Evaluation of the local urban water budget for estimating groundwater recharge potential. [MSc 2014]
MSc grad Elené Ueckermann Ueckermann, Elené Evaluating the Utility of Remotely Sensed Soil Moisture for the Characterization of Runoff Response over Canadian Watersheds. [MSc 2007]
MSc grad Rebecca Warren Warren, Rebecca Examining the spatial distribution of soil moisture and its relationship to vegetation and permafrost dynamics in a Subarctic permafrost peatland. [MSc 2015]
MSc grad Matthew Williamson Williamson, Matthew A critical evaluation of the Hydra Probe for use in the validation of remote sensing soil freeze/thaw products. [MSc 2016]
No photo available for William Woodley Woodley, William Investigating the scaling of an in situ soil moisture for satellite validation. [MSc 2016]
MSc grad Kathryn Woodrow Woodrow, Kathryn Evaluating the effects of DEM properties on the spatial and statistical distribution of hydrological surface attributes. [MSc 2014]
MSc grad Elizabeth Wrona Wrona, Elizabeth Evaluation of Novel remote sensing techniques for soil moisture monitoring in the Western Canadian Arctic. [MSc 2016]