Research Facilities

Research is a central part of daily life in the Department of Geography. Faculty members, graduate students, post-doctoral fellows and research associates study social transformation, environmental governance, and biophysical processes in study areas located around the world. 

Climate & Ecosystem Dynamics Research (CEDaR)

The CEDaR lab is equipped with state-of-the-art instrumentation for the analysis of biogeographical data.  Lab equipment supports the analysis of wood samples to understand past patterns of climatic variability and ecosystem effects.  This includes a Velmex microscope stage and encoder, two WinDendro digital image analysis systems, seven computer workstations, fume hood and wet lab, growth chamber, and an extensive library.  Most of the research conducted in the lab is field-oriented, extending across Canada and around the world.  Supporting field equipment include increment borers, chainsaw, forest mensuration tools, total station, meteorological station, soil moisture probes, and a hemispherical camera.

Centre for Hydrogeomatics

The Centre for Hydrogeomatics is a research group that focuses on the development and application of geospatial technologies for studying hydro-geomorphic phenomenon.  The Centre's team includes faculty researchers, graduate students, and research associates. They collaborate with faculty and students in universities around the world and with partners in government agencies and non-government organizations.