Food Waste

The Guelph Food Waste Research Project, co-led by Dr. Kate Parizeau and Dr. Mike von Massow, investigates food waste across the value chain in Canada. Current research initiatives include studies of food waste at the household scale in Canada, case studies of food waste in different sectors of the food system, and the relationship between food waste and food security.

In 2016, we hosted a multi-stakeholder workshop (Ontario Food Waste Project) to identify food waste research priorities. Learn more here: 




  Arrell Food Institute podcast: The shocking stuff that shows up in our garbage  Wooden bowl with food scraps: pumpkin seeds, onion peel and pepper core


Selected Publications 

DeLorenzo, A., Parizeau, K., & von Massow, M. (Accepted, 2018). Regulating Ontario's Circular Economy Through Food Waste Legislation. Society and Business Review.

Fraser, C. & Parizeau, K. (2018). Waste management as foodwork: A feminist food studies approach to household food waste. Canadian Food Studies, 5 (1), 39-62.

Parizeau, K., von Massow, M., & Martin, R. (2015). Household-level dynamics of food waste production and related beliefs, attitudes, and behaviours in a municipality in Southwestern Ontario. Waste Management, 35, 207-217.