Graduate Student Team

Graduate students
Chloe Alexander Alexander, Chloe Food waste governance. (PhD in progress)
Masters student Amy DeLorenzo DeLorenzo, Amy Closing the loop, or running in circles? Implementing a circular economy in Ontario. (MA, 2017)
Masters student Carly Fraser Fraser, Carly Pictures and perceptions of household food waste in Guelph, Ontario. (MA, 2016)
Jude Keefe Keefe, Jude Food waste as a neighbour of food insecurity, considering a circular agricultural economy in Annapolis County, Nova Scotia. (MA in progress)
MA Student Lesia Kinach Kinach, Lesia Investigating the role of Ontario's Food Donation Tax Credit for Farmers in addressing food loss and food insecurity, with a specific focus on donations of fresh produce. (MA, 2018)
Graduate student Shannon Millar Millar, Shannon Investigating the use of reclaimed food waste for food justice activities in Vancouver, BC. (MA 2018)
Masters student Jaida Regan Regan, Jaida Investigating Food Waste on Canadian University Campuses. (MA, 2018)
Kimberley Stemshorn Stemshorn, Kimberley Understanding urban waste management through ethics, stigma and consumer responsibility. (MA, 2014)
MA student Teréz Szöke Szöke, Teréz Investigating the geographies of community based public art and gentrification in downtown Eastside Vancouver. (MA, 2015)
MA student Alexis Van Bemmell Van Bemmell, Alexis Wasting food is rubbish: Barriers and opportunities for food waste diversion in Guelph, Ontario. (MA, 2016)