Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

Contributions to the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning include writing and service work on mental health and the academy (with Dr. Linda Peake and Dr. Beverley Mullings).

Listserv on mental health and geography.

Selected Publications

MitcheBook cover of "Urbaniztion in a Global Context"ll, C., Parizeau, K., & Maclaren, V. (2017). Chapter 24: Delivering and managing waste and sanitation services in cities. Urbanization in a Global Context. Don Mills, ON:  Oxford University Press

Parizeau, K., Shillington, L., Hawkins, R., Sultana, F., Mountz, A., Beverley Mullings, Linda Peake (2016). Breaking the silence: A feminist call to action. The Canadian Geographer, 60 (2), 192-204.

Mullings, B., Peake, L., & Parizeau, K. (2016). Cultivating an ethic of wellness in Geography (Special Issue Introduction). The Canadian Geographer, 60 (2), 161-167.



Students on a field trip walking along a ridge in the mountains