We have taken many precautions to ensure that the information and saliva and blood samples you provide us will remain secure and private, and that your identity will be protected.

When you register for this study, you will be assigned a unique identification number that is only available to the study team. The study team will use your unique identification number to identify you in their work. Using a number to identify you allows us to store the information from your questionnaire, health assessment and saliva and blood samples separately from your personal information, such as your email address. This makes it harder to link your name to the results of your information and tests.

All of your information will be stored on a secure server at the University of Guelph. Only the study team can access this server. We will not distribute your information to other people.

Your saliva and blood samples will be stored in a locked freezer on the University of Guelph campus. Only the study team can access this freezer. If you agree, your saliva and blood samples may be analyzed by the study team and other researchers in the future. This is because the Guelph Family Health Study is a long-term study that will continue for many years.

The information collected during this study will be published in journals and at conferences for the purpose of learning. This will happen only after any information that can directly identify you has been removed.