Guelph Kids Love to Snack

Dr. Andrea Buccholz and Joy Mackay of the Guelph Family Health Study have co-authored a blog for "Research Matters," featuring Joy Mackay's research on snacking in children.


Guelph Experts Advice on Working and Eating from 9 to 5

Home may be where the heart is, but millions of Canadians spend a lot of time at the office. That's where they make important food and lifestyle choices every day. And those choices are not always good.

Making Families Healthy Goal of Huge Guelph Study

The goal sounds simple: creating a healthy lifestyle for children and families. But the methods to reach it are increasingly complex. A number of young Guelph families are among the first participants in a massive University of Guelph study intended to reduce health-care costs in Ontario by starting at the source, with parents and their young children.

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