Planning your Study Abroad Experience

Plan your international study experience with the Centre for International Programs and the ID advisor. It is recommended that you start planning for study abroad at least one year in advance. You are required to attend a Study Abroad Information Session at the Centre for International Programs before you can apply.

When to go abroad?

Third year (broadly defined) is generally a good time to go abroad. It is recommended that students complete several courses in the core and some courses in their area of emphasis before undertaking study or work abroad. It is possible to go abroad during the final year of study, but make sure to discuss your plans with the ID advisor well in advance to avoid delays in graduation.

Before you go… academic tips for students who are preparing to go abroad

You have been accepted on a study abroad program and have spent many months planning for this exciting adventure! As part of your preparations, have you considered a plan for when you return to your studies at the University of Guelph? Careful planning will help make the transition easier. See a list of tips on how to prepare: what to do before you leave, what information to bring with you and what to do while you are away.

Transfer of academic credits

See the fact sheets ‘Going on Exchange’ and ‘Letter of Permission’ available on the BA counselling office's website or at the BA counselling office for guidelines and procedures for the transfer of academic credits. You can discuss possible course substitutions with the ID advisor before you leave, but these are not guaranteed and cannot be approved formally until after you return and the credits appear on your Guelph record. Students are strongly encouraged to discuss their plans with the ID advisor before participating in a second international study program or in extended programs (e.g. year-long programs). There are important considerations to be taken into account.

International study could extend the length of your degree by one semester or more, in particular if students participate in more than one program abroad.