Yukon Field School on Food Security in Northern Canada

The Yukon Field School on Food Security in Northern Canada will enable students to apply perspectives on international development to food security issues in Canada’s North. In this field-based and experiential course, students will explore theoretical and conceptual knowledge during pre-departure classes in Guelph. They will then gain food security knowledge traveling around the Yukon over the course of two weeks. They will also interact with First Nations communities in the Yukon to learn more about foodways in the territory. Through an in-depth exploration of Yukon’s food system, the course will push students to consider the challenges and opportunities associated with applying concepts and theories that originate in international development studies to the Canadian context. 

We will pay particular attention to the social, political, economic, and environmental forces that impact the structure and functioning of the territorial food system and food systems across the Arctic. In particular, we will explore ways of assessing the extent to which the food system advances principles of sustainability and the right to food in Canada. We will explore food and nutrition issues linked to hunting, wild food gathering, and fisheries, and delve into topics including food entrepreneurship and governance to better understand food security situations in the Yukon.

In the field, students will be immersed in stimulating activities and opportunities for reflection, challenging them to learn about issues impacting food security, Canada’s colonial history, First Nations communities, and environmental sustainability. The course format will consist of pre-departure classes at the University of Guelph before travel to the Yukon for the two week field school. In this course, we will also embark on outdoor adventures in scenic ‘larger than life’ Yukon!


The Yukon Field School is being offered by the Guelph Institute of Development Studies.  Preference will be given to students who are majoring in International Development Studies, but students from other disciplines are also welcome to apply.

Application deadline: 11 January 2019

Information Session for Yukon Field School

Tuesday January 8 
12-1 pm
MCKN 019

Field School Instructor

Dr. Lauren Sneyd 

Field School Dates

The Yukon Field School will be offered during the Summer 2019 semester, in May.

The tentative dates for the semester are:

On-campus, Guelph: May 6-9, 2019 

Yukon Territories: May 13-24, 2019 


Students will be registered in a 3000-level IDEV course worth 1.0 credits. Questions about possible substitutions for your ID major should be directed to Lisa Blenkinsop.


Students should budget for the following:

  • Round-trip airfare to Whitehorse, Yukon Territories.
  • Tuition and fees for 1.0 credits to the University of Guelph
  • The Yukon Field School fees: $2500 - 3000 (amount is dependent on the number of students registered in the program)
  • Personal expenses
  • Travel health and emergency insurance


Students applying to the Yukon Field School must have 7.5 U of G credits (by May 2019), and a 70% cumulative average.

Preference will be given to students who are majoring in International Development Studies, but students from other disciplines are also welcome to apply. 


Click here to access the application.

Please submit the application in person to the GIDS office (8th floor, MacKinnon) or emailing to idadvisor@uoguelph.ca by January 11, 2019.


If you have questions about the Yukon Field School, you can contact Dr. Sneyd or Lisa Blenkinsop.