Global Labour: The Local Food Movement's Blind Spot

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By Kerry Preisbisch, Department of Sociology and Anthropology, University of Guelph

The food movement's veneration of all things local tends to overlook the global nature of the workforce sustaining contemporary food production in North America.  It also downplays the conditions under which 'local' food is produced.  Drawing on 17 years of fieldwork in the Americas and brining together debates on food justice, labour rights and immigration, Dr. Preibisch shows how migrants and thier transitional families sustain local food production in Canada and how immigration controls have shaped labour market policy and working conditions along farm-to-fork supply chains.

Sponsored by 'Initiatives in Global Justice', and the Canada Research Chair in Ethics & GLobal Social Change.  For details, contact Monique Deveaux, Dept. of Philosophy (email address).

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