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Biobanks, Personalised Medicine, and Social Justice

By Dr. Kieran O'Doherty, Department of Psychology. Human tissue biobanks are an increasingly important component of biomedical research. They also present novel challenges to research ethics, and raise important questions relating to ownership of human tissue and DNA. Dr. O'Doherty will discuss an ongoing research programme on the use of deliberative democratic forums to supplement local and global governance of biobanks.

Project Re-Vision: Reflecting on the Methodological and Pedagogical Possibilities of Digital Storytelling

By Dr. Carla Rice, Associate Professor and Canada Research Chair, College of Social and Applied Human Sciences. Dr. Rice will discuss Project Re-Vision, a CIHR-funded arts-based research project that uses the power of the arts to positively influence healthcare practitioners' perspectives on disability. She explores how the digital stories produced through Project Re-Vision disrupt bio-pedagogical ways of teaching and work to open up non-didactic possibilities for living in/with difference.

Food Security Perspectives in Central Africa

By Lauren Sneyd (PhD candidate Geography), Jennifer Vansteenkiste (PhD candidate Geography), and Evan Fraser, Department of Geography. When food and fuel prices peaked in 2008, food riots erupted in countries across the globe. This paper empirically compares Haiti and Cameroon where particularly violent protests erupted. Drawing on field research and interview data of nearly 500 individuals Sneyd, Vansteenkiste and Fraser show the preconditions, forms, sites, agents, strategies, and outcomes of food related resistance.

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