Links to other centers for research in ethics &/or global/social justice



W. Maurice Young Centre for Applied Ethics, UBC

COVE  (Centre on Values and Ethics, Carleton)

Centre for Ethics, U of Toronto

CREUM (Centre de Recherche en Éthique, U de Montreal)

Centre for Practical Ethics, York University

Canadian Centre for Ethics in Public Affairs (Halifax)

Institute for Global Citizenship and Equity, Centennial College

Canadian Society for the Study of Practical Ethics

Centre for Professional & Applied Ethics, University of Manitoba

Institute on Globalization and the Human Condition, McMaster U

Liu Institute for Global Issues, UBC

Centre for Global Challenges, York U Glendon campus


U.S. and U.K.:

University of California at San Diego (UCSD) Center on Global Justice

Oxford Uehiro Centre for Practical Ethics

Centre for Applied Philosophy and Public Ethics (CAPPE), sponsored by ANU, U of Melbourne, and Charles Sturt University, Australia

Center for Global Ethics, George Mason U

Network for Global Ethics and Human Rights, University of the West of England

Center for Human Rights and Global Justice, NYU Law School

Centre for the Study of Global Ethics, University of Birmingham

Center for Global Ethics, Temple University

School for Applied Global Ethics, Leeds Metropolitan U

Centre for Citizenship and Human Rights, Deakin University (Melbourne, Australia)

Centre for the Study of Social and Global Justice, University of Nottingham

Centre for the Study of Social Justice, Univ of Oxford (Dept. of Politics & In’t Relations)

Kenan Institute for Ethics, Duke University

Centre for Ethics, Philosophy and Public Affairs, University of St. Andrews

Social Philosophy and Policy Center, Bowling Green University

Centre for Applied Philosophy, Politics, and Ethics (CAPPE), University of Brighton

Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs

Center for Values and Social Philosophy at the Univ. of Colorado – Boulder

Center for Global Justice, Law School, Univ of Utah

Just World Institute, University of Edinburgh

The Center for Ethics in Society, Stanford University

Institute for Ethics and Public Affairs, San Diego State U

Edmond Safra Center for Ethics, Harvard

Center for Human Values, Princeton

Brooks World Poverty Institute, University of Manchester

Oxford Centre for Ethics and Philosophy of Law

Center for Global Ethics & Politics, CUNY (c/o Ralph Bunche Institute for Int'l Studies)

Center for Global Justice, Seattle U School of Law



Wittenberg Centre for Global Ethics

Justitia Amplificada (“Rethinking Justice – Applied and Global”), Centre for Advanced Studies (Kolleg-Forschergruppe) at the Goethe-Universität of Frankfurt am Main

Centre for Ethics and Poverty Research, University of Salzburg

Freiburg International Centre for Ethics

International Association for Ethics in the Sciences and Humanities, Tübingen

University Lyon Interdisciplinary Ethics Centre

Center for Ethics & Value Inquiry - Ghent University, Belgium

Centre for Ethics, Social and Political Philosophy - K.U.Leuven, Belgium

Research in Globalisation and Ethics, University of Groningen

Center for Ethics and Global Politics, LUISS University (Rome)

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