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Arrell Food Institute Graduate Funding Opportunities

The Arrell Food Institute at the University of Guelph is seeking emerging scholars who are not only academically outstanding but also passionately committed to ensuring that future generations are well fed, that diets are nutritious and equitable, and that agriculture is sustainable.

Arrell Scholarships are valued at $50,000 per year to support research focussed on agriculture and food.

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The Graduate Awards Search tool provides a comprehensive list of all internal awards that are available university-wide or specific to a College. Students can also search for entrance awards, awards for in-course students, and travel awards using award name or keyword/phrase. 

Internal awards may be due to the Office of Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies (OGPS), Student Financial Services (SFS), the academic department/school, or in some cases, the College Dean’s Office. The Graduate Awards Search tool informs students of deadlines, supplementary material that may be required as part of the application package, as well as the location that the application should be submitted to.