Amir A. Aliabadi

Amir A. Aliabadi

Environmental Engineering


Environmental Engineering

About my research…

Atmospheric Innovations Research (AIR) Laboratory, has a passion for applications of thermo-fluids in buildings and the environment. An understanding of fluid mechanics, heat, and mass transfer phenomena finds many great applications in green building design, ventilation systems, renewable energy technologies, co-generation, indoor and outdoor air quality, and climate change.

How my Research Improves Life…

At the turn of the 21st century, the environmental protection and climate change mitigation are among our most essential efforts to ensure our survival on the planet. Most development practices have been unsustainable up to now and cannot continue in the same fashion. The atmospheric environment is an important part of the environment we all depend on. At the same time, the atmosphere is so fragile and resource limited. Sustainable development toward the protection of the atmosphere is everyone's responsibility.

Why you should choose Guelph…

The University of Guelph is among the top universities in the world for its environmental and ecology programs. Our units receive millions of dollars in funding to advance knowledge and practical solutions toward the understanding and preservation of the environment. Joining the University of Guelph enhances the graduate experience and enables students to work with the internationally renowned experts in respective fields and engage with high impact research.

Learn more about my research…

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