Ayesha Ali

Ayesha Ali

Mathematical Science

About my research…

An overarching theme to my research is studying complex systems in high dimensional settings, but the specific projects are quite diverse. I approach all of these problems by first considering the associated data generating mechanism and relating it to a graphical Markov model. Current application domains include artificial intelligence, mutualistic networks in ecology, epidemiology, and animal sciences. Often my research has been to adapt and develop techniques in artificial intelligence/machine learning that can be applied to specific problems in another domain, such as pollination ecology.

How my Research Improves Life…

The problems I have worked on in animal science have direct implications for genetic selection, food quality (e.g. cow milk), and animal health. On the other hand, my work in understanding the structure and driving mechanisms of ecological (e.g. plant-pollinator) networks have indirect implications for ecosystem conservation, management, and restoration.

Why you should choose Guelph…

Our department offers an open and friendly atmosphere in which students can gain valuable experience and skills that are transferable to their future career paths, whether academia or industry.