Fall 2020 Bus Pass Update

Posted on Saturday, August 8th, 2020

As the University will be following a hybrid format for F20 (and the majority of classes will be offered online), the GSA submitted a proposal to City Council to temporarily suspend the U-Pass contract for F20 and W21, so that the many graduate students not physically returning to Guelph would not be burdened with a fee for a service that they will likely not be using. Following the closed meeting of Guelph City Council on July 15th, city staff were directed to temporarily release the University of Guelph’s Graduate Student Association from their contractual obligations for the U-pass for the Fall 2020 and Winter 2021 semesters.

This means that the GSA will not collect transit fees for the F20 semester (this will be revisited for the W21 semester should circumstances significantly change to allow the resumption of the U-Pass contract). Students remaining in Guelph for F20 must use an OnYourWay fare card to access the city bus. For F20, Guelph Transit will only offer the post-secondary pass as a semester pass (not as a monthly pass), loaded onto your card at the start of the semester for $272 (4 months x $68).

Your GSA VP External strongly recommends students assess their plans before purchasing a post-secondary pass. Individuals ARE able to load a dollar amount instead of a pass onto their fare cards. A loaded dollar amount is deducted per ride at the cash fare of $3. Doing the math, a student would need to make a minimum of 91 individual rides over the course of the semester to justify the cost of the pass. Estimate how many individual rides you expect to take, as it could be cheaper for you to load a dollar amount instead.

Information regarding when and where to purchase a pass will be forthcoming from Guelph Transit.

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