Amber Hutchinson

V.P. Internal

I am very grateful for the opportunity to serve as the GSA Vice-President Internal! I completed my BScH in Biomedical Science and my MSc by coursework in the Human Health and Nutritional Science (HHNS) department where I discovered my passion for research and teaching in the sciences, which encouraged me to then start my PhD right away. I am now a third-year PhD student and I have had the pleasure of serving on the GSA as a General Director representing the HHNS department for two years.

As a General Director, I had the opportunity to sit on the GSA By-laws Committee for both years, wherein I help to ensure that the GSA’s rules and regulations are up to date and maintained by the Executive Committee and Board of Directors each term. This allowed me to gain a thorough understanding of how the GSA functions most efficiently in order to serve its graduate students across campus, and provided the foundation for my current role as Vice-President Internal; managing the Board of Directors according to the by-laws and chairing the by-laws committee. Additionally, I have served as a member of the GSA’s Social Outreach Committee, where I help to advance the professional and social goals of graduate students by hosting monthly events at the Grad Lounge, such as workshops to build your CV/resume and movie nights, respectively.  

During my time at Guelph, I have grown to appreciate the importance of the graduate school experience as we work towards our career goals. Therefore, I hope to ensure equal opportunities for all graduate students across campus, regardless of representation, by maintaining and standardizing communication between the GSA and graduate students regarding academic, professional and social events to improve the overall graduate student experience.  

The esteemed reputation of the University of Guelph is largely owing to its hard-working graduate students, whose well-being and success I will continue to advocate for as your GSA Vice-President Internal this 2017-2018 term.