Josh Tremblay

 Josh - HK student profiles

Why he chose Human Kinetics

"Coming out of high school, I knew that my interests included sports, health, and performance. Where I wanted to take this, I had no idea, but HK catered to all of these areas."


What he liked most about the program

"The diversity of the program is fantastic. With the first two years of the program being fairly general, it grants you some time to figure out what your specific interests are then expand upon them. Additionally, the professors are fantastic, and the anatomy dissection lab is a unique and extremely beneficial experience."


Interesting things Josh has been a part of at Guelph

"I have been heavily involved with student leadership throughout my undergrad. I have been a residence hall president with Interhall council, the Vice President of Clubs and Student Affairs for the College of Biological Sciences Student Council (CBSSC), and am currently the president of the CBSSC.
After completing my second year, I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to travel to Kenyatta University in Nairobi, Kenya with a research team from the University of British Columbia. By setting up a makeshift lab in an office and competing with rolling blackouts we obtained measurements of expired gases, respiratory parameters and arterial blood during incremental treadmill running. Interacting with the athletes, doing hands-on work is exactly why I chose to major in HK. This was a unique experience that further fuelled my interest in research, and demonstrated the applications of what is taught in both HK*3600 and HK*4600."


His favourite courses so far

Lab based classes Applied Human Biology I and II (HK*3600 and *4600). I enjoyed the physiology-based aspect of the class, and found the hands-on teaching method in the labs very useful and applicable, especially if your interest is research."


What he is up to now & his future plans

"I am currently entering the final year of my undergrad, and am looking to continue my schooling in the field of environmental physiology. My plans beyond that would be to find a career that enables me to travel and do field research."