Dan Beckerton

 Dan - NANS Student profile


Why he chose Nutrition & Nutraceutical Science

"I actually began my undergraduate career in Biomedical Sciences, however by my third year the curriculum began to narrow and I was not sure if I wanted to pursue a career in medicine. It was then that I switched to the Biological Sciences program, a great program with a lot of flexibility in the courses that count towards the completion of the degree. In second year I had gotten my first taste of the science of nutrition in NUTR*3210. After that, I continued to take a variety of nutrition courses for the rest of my undergraduate degree, and was even able to complete a Nutrition Minor before my 4 years were up. After undergrad I wasn't sure what I wanted to do, but I was pretty sure I wanted to stay in school, so I chose to pursue my interest in Nutrition by taking the Human Health and Nutritional Sciences Coursework Masters."

What Dan enjoyed most about his Master's program in nutrition

"The HHNS Coursework Program was a great experience in that it presented a totally practical and hidden side of nutrition I hadn't encountered or considered in undergrad. The program started off with a very heavy scientific journal article focus which had me take a step back from the everyday uses of nutrition (i.e. calories, vitamins, fibre, etc.) and had me look at the sources of these everyday facts. Not only did we become masters at reading scientific journals, we also became more critically aware of what we were reading. We started to be able to tell the difference between a well-constructed study and a rushed one. I really liked how the program made me think about what I was reading, and it helped me take headlines that you might see on a Men's Health magazine, for example, with a grain of salt."

Some interesting activities he was involved in during his undergrad

"Staying for a fifth year at Guelph is a decision I will never regret. Not only did I make many new friends in the HHNS program itself, but I also joined a club called FOCUS, the Federation Of Charitable University Students. Each year, this university club chooses a charity to fundraise towards and then organizes events to make money for that cause. When I joined the club I was granted the position of Social Coordinator, as the club had been becoming less populated. Throughout the winter semester however, we were able to revive the club and bring in many enthusiastic members, on top of raising a bit of money towards the next charity donation. We also participated in the Relay for Life which is an experience I would highly recommend to anyone. I made some of my best friends at FOCUS and am extremely grateful for signing up for the Masters program, as it really gives you a chance to see all that the University of Guelph can offer."

His favourite undergrad course

"Fundamentals of Nutrition, NUTR*3210, taught by Dr. Lindsay Robinson and Dr. Jim Kirkland. These were two exceptional professors that were able to spread their passion of nutrition to their students. The course was an introduction to the field of nutrition for me and I learned many practical facts that I can remember to this day. NUTR*3210 is the reason I decided to pursue a career related to human health and nutrition."

Dan's plans for the future

"My current plan is to find work in southern Ontario with a major food company such as Maple Leaf, Kraft or Pepsico. I hope to stay close to the Guelph area so I can maintain contact with all of the friends and professors I met throughout my undergraduate and graduate degrees. I hope to one day live in the greater Toronto area, working with a company that I can really feel a part of and contribute to."