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18.McLaughlin Library

  • Outside of McLaughlin Library
  • Sunny side of McLaughlin Library
  • Painted cannon
  • Outside of McLaughlin Library
  • Walkway oustide of McLaughlin Library
  • Historical photo - Moving into the McLaughlin Library
  • Outside of McLaughlin Library
  • Bookracks and study area
  • Librarian assisting student
  • Students working at internet terminals
  • 2 students working
  • Study area

The library is at the centre of campus life – students are forever coming and going as they pursue their post-secondary education. In fact, on a busy day more than 12,000 people use the McLaughlin library, and more than 1 million visit annually.

The library first opened in 1968, at a cost of $8,175,000; $1 million of which was donated by Robert Samuel McLaughlin (1871-1972), a pioneer Canadian car manufacturer and philanthropist. His portrait hangs on the right side wall after coming through the main entrance. On the opposite wall is a glass display case that displays archival displays from the University of Guelph.