Send a Custom Kudos

Introducing Kudoboard

Kudoboard is an online replacement for the card that is passed around and signed.  You can use it to recognize, appreciate and show gratitude for your colleagues and employees. For example, you could create your own department’s Random Acts of GREATness board where people can share little or big things their colleagues have done that they appreciate. It can also be used for departmental celebrations, birthdays, work anniversaries, welcomes for new hires, farewells, etc.  

You can start a Kudoboard, add text/photos/videos to the board, schedule it for delivery, and then invite others to contribute. See a video demo of the Kudoboard process.

Get Started


Who is the Kudoboard tool for?

All faculty and staff are invited to create and use the Kudoboard for the purpose of showing recognition, appreciation and gratitude for colleagues, their employees, U of G leaders, Committees and/or their members.  Kudoboard can also be used for employee celebrations at U of G.

View the "G" Thanks! Program to nominate a colleague or team for something GREAT they have done on the monthly Kudoboard.

How do I create my own Kudoboard?

To start a new board, here is what you will need to do:

  • Sign in with your U of G single sign-on at:
  • Start a new board by clicking the blue “new board” button.
  • Decide which type of Kudoboard you want:
    • A) Special Occasion: Create a special occasion board for birthdays, retirements, etc.
    • B) Shout Outs: Good for a departmental celebration, appreciation or recognition that gathers photos, comments, GIF’s, videos and more in one place.
  • Name a recipient. If you will be sharing the link broadly, enter your own email as the “Kudoboard recipient.” If you are sending to one person individually, enter their U of G email.
  • Customize the background. Use the icons at the top right to change the background design of the board.
  • Review the settings of your board and change or customize anything you would like. For example, determine if you want to give people the option to add an emoticon reaction to posts or not. You can also customize the URL for your Kudoboard.
  • Add an initial post to help encourage others to participate (i.e. a message, photo, GIF, video, etc.).
  • Click on the … at the bottom of a post to have the option to make it your cover image for your Kudoboard.
  • Invite contributors if desired by sharing the URL to the board with your colleagues.
  • Schedule it for delivery if sending to one recipient.

How else can I share the Kudoboard?

  • Use your custom URL to share the Kudoboard with your colleagues.
  • You have the option of downloading a digital file with all the submissions. This could serve as a poster or a printed card for someone.
  • You can also embed the submissions as a slideshow onto a web page.

Can I see an example?

Here are a few examples you can check out:

The most important thing you can do to ensure success with your team is to make your first post to a recipient’s Kudoboard, before inviting others.  E.g. add a nice message and include a GIF, image, or video to go along with it.  People will follow your lead.

Are Kudoboards private?

Kudoboards can be accessed by users whom you provide the unique Kudoboard link.  The U of G administrators of the Kudoboard subscription can also view your boards and posts.







MS Teams Praise Function

Another option to recognize a colleague is within Microsoft Teams.  Send a recognition message to an individual or team using MS Teams Praise function.


Have additional questions?  First explore the FAQ on the Kudoboard website. If your question is still unanswered, feel free to reach out to anyone on the GREAT at U of G working group.