Disability Management

Occupational Health and Wellness integrates and coordinates the management of occupational and non-occupational related illness and injury. They provide support, guidance and consultation to employees related to temporary or permanent medical limitations, impacting their ability to function in the workplace and facilitate Return to Work programs and accommodation according to the Workplace Safety Insurance Board (WSIB) guidelines for an early and safe return to work.

Long Term Disability (LTD)

Occupational Health and Wellness manages the LTD application process and the day-to-day correspondence related to LTD claims. We can assist you through the claims process, and provide the steps you can take to help you stay on the road to recovery. You can talk to us at any time during your disability leave.

It is the department's responsibility to notify Occupational Health and Wellness once an employee has been off work, as a result of a non-occupational related illness or injury, for more than 5 working days. The department will also remind the employee that medical notes are required, if such employee is absent for 5 days.

To receive LTD benefits, you must satisfy a short term elimination period of 90 calendar days. You and your physician must submit the appropriate claim application forms to the insurance carrier, Sun Life, which will be sent to you from Occupational Health and Wellness. From time to time, you may be required to provide documentation to Sun Life regarding your continuing disability.

Sun Life's Abilities Case Managers will consider a number of different factors when assessing the information they receive about your claim. They look at your medical information, the tasks you are required to do at work and how your disability would affect your ability to perform your job duties. As part of this review process, they may need to conduct telephone interviews with you, your employer and your physician.

As no two disability situations are the same, recovery will mean different things for different LTD recipients. For many, it will mean a process of healing and reintegration to their former jobs. For others, a return to work may be more difficult and the focus will be on maximizing health and wellness, within the limits of an ongoing disability.

If you are an employee, please refer to our web page with more information on employee’s responsibilities.  Managers, please refer to our web page regarding manager’s responsibilities.