Illness, Injury and Disability Management

The University believes its employees are an integral part of the community. Occupational Health and Wellness assists employees who are injured or ill, or requiring assistance with their disability claim and safe return to work.

Managers have responsibilities they must fulfill in the process of reporting employee illness and injury and return to work which have been outlined below.

Short Term Absence

  • Advise the employee that after five (5) consecutive days of absence a medical note is required.
  • Notify Occupational Health and Wellness of the absence and encourage the employee to submit the medical note to Occupational Health and Wellness.  Please fax (519) 780-1796 or email the medical note.  Occupational Health and Wellness will communicate with the employee regarding their injury/illness and will provide the manager/department with guidance regarding a return to work, modified duties or continued absence.
  • If the employee remains off of work for 90 calendar days, the employee may be eligible for Long Term Disability (LTD) benefits. Occupational Health and Wellness will process the LTD package and notify the employee’s Manager.

Workplace Injury

  • Immediately, upon notification of the incident, arrange first aid per standard first aid practices. Most departments have personnel trained in Emergency First Aid and CPR and keep first aid kits or boxes available. If your department does not have trained first aiders, contact Occupational Health and Wellness at (519) 824-4120 ext. 52647 or Campus Community Police at 519-824-4120 ext. 52000. If more serious treatment is required, arrange transportation for the employee to the appropriate medical facility (e.g. Family Doctor, Walk-in-Clinic, Hospital Emergency Room).
  • Report all personal injury or near-miss incidents using the University’s Illness or Injury Incident Report within 24 hours of the occurrence. Submit the report to Occupational Health and Wellness.  Please fax (519) 780-1796 or email the Illness or Injury Incident Report.
  • In the event of a workplace injury, where outside medical assistance is required, provide the employee with an Injury Package which includes: the WSIB Functional Abilities Form (FAF), a letter to the employee, and a letter to the health care practitioner.  
  • The FAF must be submitted immediately upon completion to Occupational Health and Wellness.  Please fax (519) 780-1796 or email the FAF. Immediately advise your employee that modified work is available that matches their current abilities and provide such offer to the employee in writing.  Occupational Health and Wellness will contact you and make arrangements to meet and assist in developing modified work that is suitable, based on the restrictions recommended to ensure a safe and timely return of your employee. 
  • If the employee seeks medical attention at any time after the initial incident, or does not come to work because of the incident, please contact Occupational Health and Wellness.  Please call (519) 824-4120 ext. 52647 or email OHW immediately.